We transform workspaces into places where everyone can thrive, driving performance for your people and your business. Offering our clients an all-encompassing service from initial planning and design, all the way through to construction and completion.

Our Process

As an insights-driven company (clue is in our name) we start by building an in-depth understanding of both your people and your place to drive a new world of opportunities for the design and fit-out of your workspace. Defining the brief, the challenge and the desired outcome.

We recognise that operating in a more complex and faster changing world requires more informed decision making at every stage. 

Obtaining insight from the outset helps you to make better, quicker decisions which are underpinned by the data gathered and not simply by gut-feel alone. While the insights gathered gives us the ability to approach design challenges and problems differently.


Our Define stage takes an holistic approach to defining the brief, offering in most cases a complimentary package of analysis to uncover the big picture and what the office space can do for your company in terms of talent attraction, retention and experience.

To dig deeper than most involves us selecting the right insight tools for your brief - tailored by the size, timescale and previous information you may have gathered about the project.

The Define stage explores occupancy, working patterns, worker types, people’s needs through a series of workshops, team surveys using our Define Tool, as well as conversations around how the office space should look and feel, reflect the brand image and inspire a company culture.


Insights are as much a part of the Design stage as selecting colours and finishes. The combination of data, our own observations and experience help to reveal and develop a zoning plan, look and feel images and finishes, all of which start to bring your project to life.

Initially our designers start with creating zoning plans, 2D general arrangement plans, compiling mood boards to capture the look and feel of the space and show how meeting spaces, desks, and collaborative spaces can all be accommodated within your workspace.

At this stage, we gather your feedback on every aspect, before making any necessary adjustments. Once finalised, our designers bring the design to life with 3D photorealistic images and video fly-throughs. To help you see the space and observe the perception of distance, heights and colour combinations, we can walk you through the space using the latest virtual technology, allowing you to make further adjustments to your space before the Deliver stage commences.

The final step in the Design process is to create a detailed priced up schedule of work and issue a delivery contract.


Our turnkey office fit-out is the ideal solution to make the entire process as efficient and seamless as possible. Having a single company manage your office fit-out means you can be sure that the quality will be to a consistently high standard throughout. No more wasting time on planning and liaising with multiple trades, taking chances on unknown contractors, you will be working with one single point of contact who has the expert resources on hand to get the job done.

And, because you’re working with the experts, you won’t need to worry about navigating complicated regulations and red tape - we provide total peace of mind. Keeping you informed of progress is at the heart of our Deliver process, with regular weekly on-site meetings, progress reports and shared access to the agreed schedule of work. Any challenges, no matter how small, are promptly dealt with and resolved and on completion, there is a quality check carried out.

Additionally, after completion you’ll also enjoy a 30-day enhanced customer support service. Whereby, whatever the nature of the issue the original Deliver team will be on-hand to pick up and endeavour to deal with your requests on the same day to help you and your team settle quickly into your new workspace.