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Our Process

Who we are

Officeinsight creates workspaces where people thrive. We provide companies with data driven insight on a range of office design and build services such as office refurbishment services, office fit-out and workplace consultancy.

We will rejuvenate tired and underperforming workplaces by reinventing them into spaces where people will thrive. Our office design consultants offer an all-encompassing design process, from the conception of your vision to its construction and finishing touches.

We use a collaboration-led design model, so we understand your needs as a business. This allows us to create a space imbued with the very essence of your business.

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Our process

Our collaborative office design approach is designed to understand who you are as business. Your business demands, your desires, and your working culture. To craft the perfect environment, we need to know what office design and build services means to you.

We have carefully developed our process using our extensive experience and team expertise to provide our clients with the trusted and quality service they have come to expect.

Our process takes form in three steps – define, design, and deliver.

This simple process allows us to be adaptable to your requirements and provided tailored services targeted to your design goals.

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We listen and explore to form the brief


We bring the brief to life working to budget


We create a space where all can thrive


Our define stage is all about getting to know you as a business. What are the demands your industry places on your premises, what is the size of your location, what functions do you need to incorporate into a space and what kind of working culture do you have? The more we understand about you, the better we can define your needs.

We understand the bigger picture and design spaces that provide lasting value. Enjoyable spaces help retain staff, attract new talent, and impress clients. We also gain insight on those little things that make the day-to-day work processes just that bit easier.

We gain these insights by hosting office design workshops that delve into your pain points, undertaking surveys and listening to you and your staff. By talking you through the results of our define data model, we can clarify your office design vision and work with you to guide you on how best to achieve your goal.

This will also help us identify the main elements that you need within the design.

For example, a particular focus may be on how we revolve your design around sustainability, through the use of energy-efficient lighting, and biophilia.

Another common focus is the need to accommodate for hybrid and agile working practices within the design. This most often sees the use of collaboration spaces, such as booths, pods and hot-seating areas – ideal for impromptu chats with staff or to grab a seat and do some focus work.


Discovery call,


Go forward plan & fees


Briefing meetings


Team engagement


Agree and issue brief


Our design process merges the data-driven insight of needs with a creative design that inspires. Giving you the perfect fusion of functionality and beauty. This is the stage where we will craft an office that will define you as a brand.

To guarantee our designers meet your vision, we offer you immersive graphics such as:-

  • VR walkthroughs
  • Video fly-throughs
  • 2d zone plans
  • 3d realistic images

These graphics will bring your design to life and give you a feel and understanding of the space we are designing. We invite critical feedback whilst walking you through these spaces to help us create a space that fits you.

Once we have designed the spaces, we create a transparent and realistic cost that details the schedule of works.


Zonal plans, 2d layouts and mood boards,


Informed budget costs


Immersive visualisation


Design development and cost iterations


Issue schedule of works with fixed costs


Contract sign off


When our design process is complete, we will begin making your vision a reality.

Our office fit-out services will offer you a comprehensive process. Our experts will handle the office documentation, building regulations, and health and safety, saving you the hassle of dealing with all the red tape.

Whilst delivering you this service, we regularly hold on-site meetings to discuss the current state of the construction and keep you updated on the progress. Overcoming any challenges, the build may present.

After the project has been completed, we will provide you with a 30-day customer care package to ensure that the finish was to your satisfaction.

Discover our define, design, deliver process for yourself and speak with one of our team today to see how we can reinvigorate your office.


Construction design


Construction design and finishes approvals


Introduction to delivery team


Programme of work approval


Project set up


Agree communication frequency


Site set up


Quality audit, close out and sign off

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Our mission

We exist to design and build quality workspaces for clients that value their people. Our mission is to be the north west go-to company for office design and build projects, constantly and continually improving to approach design challenges and problems differently. Our core values of customer centric, open and honest, creative achievers and solutions driven, challenges the whole team to deliver outstanding service at every turn. Our service offers total peace of mind. As our complete turnkey service provides enhanced customer care with a 30-day support service to help you settle quickly into your new workspace.

Constructionline Gold

We have been awarded Constructionline’s Gold level status, a nationally recognised title within the construction procurement sector.

The highly sought-after accreditation comes as a result of Officeinsight’s commitment towards continually exceeding industry standards and achieving best practice throughout its design and build office fit-out operations. To achieve gold standard on its first application highlights the effort, strong process and high quality that is adhered to across the whole business.

Constructionline only allows companies to become certified members once they have had all their legislative compliance stringently reviewed across areas such as environmental and quality management as well as diversity, equality and social responsibility. Gold membership also includes an Acclaim Health & Safety accreditation, which is SSIP compliant (Safety Schemes in Procurement).

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