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5 Reasons To Hire An Interior Expert When Designing Your New Office Space

5 Reasons To Hire An Interior Expert When Designing Your New Office Space

5 Reasons To Hire An Interior Expert When Designing Your New Office Space

The Importance Of Hiring An Interior Expert For Your Office Space

You might think that hiring a professional to look after your office interiors is an expensive task. You might think that getting bob the builder or other labourers will work out cheaper for your new office fit-out. However, these days, it is very much possible to get the perfect interior designer and fit-out for your workplace.

Here at Officeinsight, we provide interior design specialists who deliver office design, office refurbishment, and office fit-out projects – lucky for you; you are not alone!

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Having an interior designer help guide you with your project is a necessity, more than anything else. Your finished workspace cannot leave you thinking – "This could have been better",

Five Reasons To Invest In An Interior Designer:

1. Personality

You typically spend 6-8 hours a day in your office space; therefore, making your office yours is essential. A reflection of your personality added to your workspace will help to create a home from home environment. Especially after the last year, we have had due to COVID-19; people may be apprehensive on their return to the office space after working from home.

Hiring an interior designer will help to ensure that your office space gets that personal touch and create a true reflection of your personality instantly. At Officeinsight, our designers dig deep, finding ways to customise things according to your colleagues needs.

2. Functionality and Beauty Balance

It is a misconception that small offices will appear congested, or nothing can be done to save up space, as investing in the right sort of interiors will help you get a more usable space and a visual feel. Whether your new office project is in a big or small space, our interior designers will help us understand your requirements and a creative, inspirational space that lives up to your expectations and does not fall back on the utility aspect.

Our interior designers can also help accommodate you with furniture following your requirements. Custom-made furniture will be made according to the available space in your office. It helps to ensure that no space is wasted, and your office space looks more extensive. Interior designers here at office insight will not only save space but also save money. At times, custom-made furniture is also cheaper. For example, if your office space requires large desks, the ones available at stores will be according to a standard size and not the space you have available. Custom made future will help you save both cost and space for unnecessary interior measurements.

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3. Visualise

Interior designers can visualise your office space a lot better than you would. Our interior design experts deal with designing offices on all scales every day. They understand exactly what kind of office design you will need, right from the defined stage.

Interior design specialists can also help right from the beginning to the end. Designing a new office may seem daunting, however, this is just second nature to our designers. It is usual for people to feel overwhelmed with new office projects, but it is necessary to hire a designer to help guide you through the process, building everything that you want to look good in the space available.

When visualising what will look good in certain aspects of the space, our interior designers help synchronise your thoughts with reality. Interior designers can visualise your office even better than you can.

4. Style

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the interior design style for your new office space. However, that is not a concern when you have an interior designer by your side. The thing is, there are a lot of options available, but it is not easy to understand the overall flow of one design. Interior designers can help to incorporate the styles that you like; whether it's inspiration through photographs or videos, there is a high chance that the outcome will look patched up together. Interior designers can understand aesthetics and can bend styles seamlessly to create the desired look.

5. Time and Money

I bet the first thing you think about when you hear the words interior designer are expensive. But hiring an interior designer helps to save lots of time and money. Interior designers take on all the responsibilities a builder would. Hiring an interior designer takes the stress off running after contractors and labourers or having to look after the paint job, asking for numerous quotes and haggling for the best prices. Their job is to do all of this for you, saving time and eventually money.

Our designers help you save on unwanted expense over materials, rejections, and rework at office insight. Their job is to do this service every day to the best of their ability, so you do not have to miss out on work or opportunities for your new office project. Our interior designers are in the house, accessible throughout the working day, and their expertise can be relied upon.

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All you must do is trust the process, and you will have a beautiful, intentional yet inspirational office space.  

For more information on how you can start a project with our interior designers today, email [email protected]

The Importance of Impactful Office Design For Centrally Located Companies

In central locations such as city centres, office interior design can be a game-changer for employee attraction and retention. The competition for talent in these locations is fierce, but your company can stand out as an ideal employer with a well-designed office. A well-designed office space attracts top talent and boosts employee satisfaction and retention, leading to a more attractive, productive, and harmonious work environment.

Managing centrally located office property comes with challenges, including higher real estate operating costs. Central locations often have premium real estate prices and limited space. However, with effective office design, you can make the most of the available space, optimise workflows, and ensure every square foot serves a purpose, maximising the value you attain from your location. 

We must preface this by stating office design holds significant importance for any company regardless of its geographical location. It will have a major impact on your cost margins, attractiveness and employee retention - to name a few examples.

Our London Office Interior Design 

Are you in the London area or any other area of the UK and interested in launching an interior design project in your office? Get in touch now, and our professional team of designers can help you today

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