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Guest Blog | 3 Reasons Why Office Cleanliness Is Important

Guest Blog | 3 Reasons Why Office Cleanliness Is Important

Guest Blog | 3 Reasons Why Office Cleanliness Is Important

Poor office cleanliness can have impacts on both mental and physical health. On average, office workers tend to spend between 8-9 hours in their workspace every day, so it is important that the time spent in the office isn’t having a direct impact on their health and wellbeing. A study found that since 2011, there have been over 12 million sick days taken which could have been prevented and that have cost businesses billions of pounds in lost work. This also shows the rate at which many employees are getting sick in relation to their workplace and how it could have been avoided if proper actions were taken in regards to cleanliness.

There are some shocking statistics in relation to workplace cleanliness, with personal spaces most neglected when it comes to cleanliness in the workplace. Around 37% of computer mice, 28% of phones and 31% of keyboards are never cleaned and, considering how often we use and touch these items during the day, it is concerning how little they are cleaned. With this in mind, here are 3 reasons why office cleanliness is important.

Help reduce stress

Everything about clutter instantly makes a space more stressful and, if your office is a cluttered and messy place, then this will have a huge impact on your employees. One of the biggest impacts that it can have on employees is through their productivity. If employees are working in a cluttered space, then this will naturally make them feel stressed as they aren’t able to be as efficient when it comes to their job, especially if they have to rifle through stacks of paperwork or mess regularly.

Physical stress isn’t the only issue linked to working in mess and clutter, as it can also have a direct link to the mental health of employees and can reduce their productivity levels simply by causing increases in the stress hormone. It doesn’t take much to stop clutter from building up in the workplace - implement a filing system where paperwork and documents get put straight back after being used and encourage employees to keep clutter and mess on their desk to a minimum and you’ll soon see a huge improvement.

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Look after employee health

There’s a stigma attached with taking time off work for something like a cold or sniffle, but catching bugs and illnesses such as cold and flu can be a huge inconvenience for everyone involved. If employees do need to take time off, then their workload will then likely fall onto others and business owners also miss out on a large chunk of valuable work time. In order to stop germs from spreading around the workplace, it’s important to maintain proper hygiene practices, now more than ever with the Coronavirus pandemic. If an employee becomes unwell with Covid-19 symptoms, or you just want extra peace of mind when it comes to keeping you and your employees safe, then you should consider a thorough and regular deep clean and disinfection of your workplace. Specialist cleaning services are available all over the country to offer this to businesses and workplaces.

Germs and bacteria live on hard surfaces for prolonged periods and surfaces and shared equipment can harbour infectious bacteria which can be active for months. Regular office cleaning, especially of shared spaces, and encouraging good personal hygiene, can dramatically reduce the risk of getting sick and then spreading it to coworkers.

Creates an inviting environment

Your office should feel welcoming and inviting for your employees and also customers or clients. By keeping your office space clean and tidy, as well as surrounding areas such as entranceways and lobbies, you can ensure that a good first impression is made to any visitors. Floors should be vacuumed daily and be clear of clutter or debris and other important daily tasks include emptying rubbish bins, cleaning doors and windows, paying attention to disinfect high touch points such as handles and light switches and wiping down surfaces.

Bathroom cleanliness is also highly important and should be cleaned and checked regularly throughout the day. Dirty or unkempt toilets and bathrooms are things that people remember and no one likes to use a dirty bathroom. Rubbish should be regularly removed, especially sanitary waste, and any mess cleaned away. It’s important to also make sure that soap dispensers are not left to go empty, mirrors and sinks are clean and things such as flushes, taps and door handles are disinfected regularly.

Office cleanliness is a direct reflection of your business and it is important that you don’t allow messy or unorganised office space to lose you important business or, more importantly, employees. The health and wellbeing of your employees, as well as motivation and morale, is directly impacted if they are working in an unclean office space, so make sure you have the right procedures in place when it comes to ensuring your workplace is clean. 

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