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How Can Well Designed Offices Attract and Retain Quality Staff?

How Can Well Designed Offices Attract and Retain Quality Staff?

How Can Well Designed Offices Attract and Retain Quality Staff?

There are many factors that can contribute to attracting and retaining high quality staff, this blog looks into how and why a well-designed office can attract top talent.

A cleverly designed office will contribute to happy and more motivated employees.  Offices are becoming more domestic in a sense that breakout zones and third spaces are simulating areas normally found in the home.  This is seen in breakout zones that take on characters from home, like the lounge areas, libraries and dining rooms.   So why are designers taking on this concept?  After all we are human beings and spend the majority of our life at home; therefore replicating home scenes in workspaces is to avoid employees feeling alienated at work.  The more comfortable your team are at work, the more likely they will engage with each other, improve the culture, increase customer satisfaction and spark innovation.

Employees are more attracted to an environment that they find comfortable and supports their own well-being as well as one that’s also motivating and allows them to reach their full potential. This often means that a variety of spaces are included in an office design, each different area is suited to the different staff individuals and meeting.  As an example some staff may feel more comfortable having a casual meeting held in a canteen booth, whereas others would want to have their meeting in a private office.

The way in which office furnishings are used is another factor that can have an effect on attracting and retaining high quality staff. An example of this is when a candidate arrives for an interview and they make their first impressions from the moment that they arrive at the company which, in turn will have an effect on the effort levels they have to secure the position that they’re applying for and, once hired a carefully designed office can boost both employee morale and improve retention.  An example of this would be anything from ergonomic task chairs to smart eating areas.  Employees need reassurance that once they start their new job, they will be looked after and achieve greatness, not just paid!

Another way in which a well-designed office can retain talent is by carefully using the office space to provide areas that suit both work and leisure which will help to improve the work-life balance of employees within an office, increase productivity and help to reduce stress levels.  Many leading architects and office interior designers are including eateries and gymnasiums into their office design concepts.  You never know what inspiration and motivation you may gain as you’re straining on that last bench press rep!

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