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How much does an office fit-out cost in 2022?

How much does an office fit-out cost in 2022?

How much does an office fit-out cost in 2022?


The title of this post is possibly the most asked question we get at the start of an office design and fit-out project. It's a tricky question to answer. Not least because office designs are evolving.

With new priorities for the office space in the post-pandemic world, understanding office fit-out budgets and the factors that influence these costs has become equally as important as the design of the space.

We’ve launched an office fit-out cost calculator

As each and every project is totally unique, with its own designs, requirements and issues to overcome, we've created a new office fit-out calculator to help you set a budget. There are many office space estimation calculators available which use the average cost per square foot calculator to give you a price. However, our calculator tool goes beyond offering just that and provides the ability to create a wish list of items you’d like to see in your workspace. After adding your requirements, you will be provided with an estimated cost and size of space. The office fit-out calculator tool also allows you to tailor the budget to your preferred standard of finish - selecting basic, average or premium finish.

Here’s how it works video:

We’ve also prepared a guide on office fit-out costs

To help educate you with the latest insight on workspace fit-out costs this guide provides valuable insight to efficiently budget for an office fit-out.

Covering everything from deciding the type of office fit-out you require, through to exploring both external and internal factors that affect the cost of an office fit-out and the impact of time and measuring return-on-investment, this guide is a must for those embarking on a new office fit-out project.

Frequently asked questions on office fit-out costs

For those looking for a quick answer to many frequently asked questions around office fit-out and design costs, we’ve also prepared a handy library of the most common questions.

Available via our topical blogs or free to access on our YouTube channel, here you’ll find a quick response to the many cost and finance questions posed throughout an office design and fit-out project.

 From what are the typical costs of an office fit-out, to what affects the prices of an office fit-out and will my budget be enough?

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