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How To Plan A New Office Layout

How To Plan A New Office Layout

How To Plan A New Office Layout

Designing and creating a new office may seem like a daunting task with so much to take into consideration. However, planning a design becomes so much easier when you know where to start. Here at Officeinsight, our interior designers will help you and your company provide a scale or move for a more dynamic workspace you and your employees may need. This may require a new office layout or even an upgrade to a whole new office. It can be challenging to know where to start, but with the help of our 3D tool, define, design, deliver, and our interior designers can guide you through the process from start to finish.  

Our 3D Process

The first part of the 3D process requires you to define your new office space needs and wants.

Our define tool helps to get into the nitty-gritty parts of planning, giving scope to improve your workplace whilst considering employees. The tool will help examine the workforce, analyse working patterns, and unlocks the questions around the fundamentals of office design.

Once the define process has started, more of the design will be able to unfold. With the help of a space management tool, the design team can start by creating a floor plan on your current layout and resources. The area being worked on may include a reception area, conference room, breakrooms, kitchen, washroom, staircase, lifts, and corridors. Each unique floor plan design should help you visualise your existing office space and identify whether any space will be wasted or grant opportunities for change.

The Next Step

The next step is all in the design. Understanding the layout's overall layout with help from the define tool will help provide a design plan for the new fit-out process. Our interior designers play a key role in the design element, encouraging the best balance between an aesthetic design and the needs of your business.

Having an interior designer onboard your new office fit-out project will help you research, sample and select appropriate furniture and fixtures for the space provided. Using your floorplan, our interior designers will ensure that workstations, seating, and other furnishings align with the measurements and requirements of your office. It is also easy for our designers to flexibly create, edit and reverse designs to meet the needs of your layout and what employees require.

Once the layout has been designed, it's time to commit to a final design. This decision may follow with our unique VR experience. This allows you to wear a headset and step into your new office space virtually. The beauty of the virtual experience will enable you to physically see your office space and experience it as though it was fit out; meaning can add any adjustments before confirming the final design.

Cr experience

Creating an office layout may seem tedious, but it can be made as easy as possible with the right team and tools. Our 3D process will help establish the best changes for your company office whilst in your employee's best interest. If you have taken the necessary steps to develop your new office fit-out, you can make informed decisions on an office layout that will benefit your company for future years.

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