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How your office can embody your company's values.

How your office can embody your company's values.

How your office can embody your company's values.

Having an inspirational and engaging office space can not only boost the morale and productivity of the staff, but can also act as an effective marketing tool for the stakeholders that you bring into the office. Staff, shareholders and most importantly, clients, can all be left with the resounding impression of what your company is and stands for.


Taking into consideration the office layout and needs of your business is a good place to start when thinking of integrating your company's values into your space. Whilst the popularity of open plan offices remains, it may not be the best option for you. Catering for different needs such as hybrid working, hot seating and maybe open communication all need to be taken into account. Open plan offices, however, can visualise your companies values of communication and collaboration and those that work in the technology industry may favour 'cooler' aspects  - the slide from the first floor down to the ground floor for example. A democratic structure may need to have some private offices, so that those at the top of the hierarchy can have some privacy, and those working in sectors such as finance and banks may want more private rooms than open space, to maximise confidentiality.


Choosing the right colour and furniture is something you may think is insignificant, however, choosing colours that reflect your brand is an excellent way of showcasing your values throughout the office. Having mismatched hues and furniture doesn’t give the client a good impression, whereas making the right choices can give your office a smooth, seamless look that can significantly affect the impact it has on your stakeholders. Picking the right colour can also affect what kind of atmosphere is generated in the office, with red often being associated with energy and strength, blue being either associated with serenity or a clinical appearance, and green with balance and growth. Read here to find more about paint colours :https://www.officeinsight.co.uk/posts/how-to-pick-the-right-paint-colours-for-your-office

Choosing appropriate furniture to fill your conference rooms, offices and breakout spaces can affect how productive your staff are, choosing the best-suited can also illustrate your commitment to the well-being of your staff.

Showcasing your values is an effective way to leave an impression. It'll help reinforce your values to your staff and can act as a daily reminder of what your company stands for. Using a wall space to fill with motivational quotes, daily reminders and words that are synonymous with your core values is a good way to have a high visual impact whilst showcasing what you stand for. Including your mission and vision statement can make sure that those daily reminders are truly motivating for the staff, allowing maximum enthusiasm during the work day and a true desire to be productive throughout the day.

Communication could be one of your core values, and one of the most important aspects of this is listening. By taking the time to inquire about what your staff really want in the office space is a good way to show you care for them and can give them a sense of belonging within the business which is a good retention method of staff. This way you can ensure loyalty and a good morale throughout the office, with happy staff with a high mental wellbeing.

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