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Meeting booths

Meeting booths

Meeting booths

Meeting booths - a fun, practical and creative office design trend.

In the era where open plan offices are proving extremely popular amongst office designers and interior consultants it becomes essential that private meeting booths are included in the office design.  Not only does the private meeting booth offer the workers an area for quick get-togethers, phone calls, thinking time or appointments, it also gives the opportunity to include some stunning design concepts the office.

You may have heard of these booths before as they are also called ‘private zones’, ‘ meeting pods’, ‘quiet space’, the meeting booth is a fixed area where people meet, designed to be simple, quiet and practical.

Private meeting booths are ideal for any office design project where the budget is relatively small as they are made up of inexpensive components. These booths are in fixed positions made from a partition frame walls with fixed furniture.

See the pattern with these examples from Office snapshots?  Yes – the single colour used for the decoration and furniture.  The design trend is going down a route where single colours are chosen, although some may argue that staring at a yellow wall during an important meeting or stressful phone call would give them a headache, they have proved extremely popular by those working in offices where meeting booths have been included in the office design.


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