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Office CAT Fit Outs: Which Do You Need?

Types Of CAT Office Fit Outs Explained

You may be considering an office fit-out, but feel inundated by all the other information on the web. A good place to start is to identify what type of office fit-out you require.

 To start with there are three main types of office fit-out, these being:

  1. CAT A
  2. CAT A+
  3. CAT B.

What Is A CAT A Office Fit Out?

A CAT A fit-out is the basic fit-out needed to get a building functionable, it does not include many things you may expect to find in an office space such as a kitchen or meeting rooms.

These are usually commissioned by a landlord who wants to fit-out to prospective tenants.

Although there is no standard definition for a CAT A fit-out, they are functional spaces which will need furnishing. Finished with only the absolute necessities and usually an open plan finish, this space is ready for an office designer to help you add your own personality to the space.

The Features Of A CAT A Office Fit Out

●      Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms

●      Basic utilities such as lighting, plumbing and working plugs

●      Raised access floors

●      Toilets

●      Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Why Choose A CAT A Office Fit Out?

CAT A includes the basic elements to get your Office up and running. This can be the perfect Office Fit Out option for business owners with limited budgets or business owners who have further plans for expansion with a designer's help at a later date.

What Is A CAT B Office Fit Out?

A CAT B fit-out is the next phase in the process which shapes the interior workspace space, adapting the building to how you want it. This stage allows you to inject your own personality and requirements into the space.

A CAT B fit-out, moulds around your company values and branding and how your employees will use the space.

Careful consideration is given to the layout and selecting the furniture that ensures that the space maximises staff productivity and wellbeing. A great design will ensure your workforce feels comfortable to deliver their best every day and the space also helps your company attract and retain talent.

The Features Of A Cat B Office Fit Out

●      Furniture and workstations

●      Design and company branding

●      Kitchen area

●      Partitioning for offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas

●      Floor finishes

Why Choose A CAT B Office Fit Out?

With a CAT B fit out, our team of experienced office fit-out specialists dig deeper than most to uncover the needs of the space from both the business and employee perspectives. This allows the designer to prepare a well-thought-out layout that considers productivity, brand identity and future working trends.

What Is A CAT A+ Office Fit Out?

A fairly newly emerged concept, the CAT A+ fit-out is seen as the middle ground between CAT A and CAT B fit-outs, as it combines elements from both A and B, essentially a plug-and-play office setup provided by landlords. A 'ready to work' concept suits many micro/small companies and start-ups who can add touches of their company's personality easily to an already fully functioning office. It means that all a prospective tenant needs to move in, is their staff and IT equipment.

The Features of a CAT A+ Office Fit Out

●      Workstations and desks

●      Basic décor

●      Kitchen

●      Breakout spaces

●      Tea points

*Not all features listed here would necessarily be included in every CAT A+ fit-out

Why Choose A CAT A+ Office Fit Out? 

A CAT-A+ office fit out is the perfect choice for small start-up companies who want a "ready-to-work" office but have a limited budget for all the elements of a CAT B Office Fit Out.

Interested in fitting out your office or need more information on the best office fit out for your company? Reach out to us now. We are happy to help.

In need of some examples? View our recent projects in all these office fit-out categories.


Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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