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An office design proposal is a crucial element of any office refurbishment, office fit out or office furniture project.

Different companies would have different views on what an office design proposal would consist of. At Officeinsight we follow a certain process when putting together an office design scheme for our clients.  We gather as much information from you to find out exactly what you want to achieve from your new space.

Our design team start with simple layouts and design spacing, then build the new office design from this.  We then create plans, floor plans and mood boards and eventually 3 D visuals once the space works well with your company. We take into consideration many different areas of the design, including the lighting, ceiling, through to the furniture.

Creating the ideal office design proposal can be very challenging due to limitations with the building, budget and scope but at Officeinsight we take great care to supply you with an office design that fulfills your needs as a company.

There are many different people in different roles that would need to be involved in the design process, obviously the management but also other parties would need to have input including the IT team, HR and Facilities.

If you are considering undertaking any office refurbishment or fit out works then we would definitely recommend that you carefully design your new office space.   Contact Officeinsight today on  0161 233 0030 for a free design and quotation.

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