Five timeless design principles for every workplace to consider

When it comes to designing your office, to achieve maximum return on investment, you need to make sure that your design won’t exceed its best-before date in five years’ time. Here our experienced commercial office designers share some of the timeless design principles they follow to ensure any office remains both modern and flexible yet functional for years to come.

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Five ways to bring your brand alive in the workplace

The modern-day marketing environment may seem to indicate that the most popular marketing methods are those external platforms, such as; social media posts, your company’s website and customer email campaigns. Whilst all very true, did you realise that your internal office space can also become a valuable marketing tool, using the space to communicate your brand to both your staff and visiting customers.

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What is inclusive office design?

Since the emergence from lockdown, the differentiation between the workspace and working from home is becoming increasingly blurred. Perhaps because many people have grown accustomed to having that extra freedom and liberty is why according to an international poll of 31,000 full-time employees for Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index report, 73% wanted to retain the option of working remotely after the relaxation of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

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Design Festival North

From the ‘design hub’ at The Castlefield Rooms to wellness talks, presentations and networking events, The Design Festival North created a chance to marvel at the latest design innovations

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Material Source visit

Visitors through the doors of the Material Source Studio, Manchester can take inspiration from over 40+ of the world’s leading built environment brands. With fantastic free samples, fabulous coffee, and friendly faces the NOMA-based showroom is a destination for the creative community.

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How office design affects productivity

Over the past year, people have taken the time to reflect about how they work best and what makes them more productive. As people return back to their office, albeit in a hybrid capacity, the influence on office layout on productivity has taken on a greater importance.

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How can the office design align with the brand?

Creating a strong brand coercion is becoming one of the main reasons why people are getting an office fit-out. Aligning every design element to a brand can help reinforce a company’s culture and help create a strong first impression for both employees and visiting clients. However, branding a space must be done thoughtfully.

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What design factors influence cost?

The short answer is that every single design factor has an influence on the cost of your office fit-out. From aesthetics to materials and functionality to sustainability, each element will have an impact on the cost of your office fit-out project.

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