New year; New Office Trends for 2022.

As the past two years, in terms of office spaces, have provided a rollercoaster ride for the use of our offices. 2020 brought the office home and introduced the remote working era. 2021 continued with some remote working but as the pandemic flattened, also allowed for some in-office working. What will 2022 bring? To put it simply, offices will be seeing efficiency, functionality and comfort as the top priorities as the need to adapt to methods such as hybrid working rise in popularity.

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4 reasons why your office should have a social space

The workplace has always been an important place for people, especially now, after over a year of being physically distanced when working from home. As the trend shifts from having a 30/70 ratio of open space to closed-off space to now having 50/50 or in some cases 70/30 collaboration space - the social space is an important part of this. Having a social space links with the concept of flexible working, and is about boosting collaboration between employees allowing a more relaxed approach in comparison to the previous formal arrangement. As gen Z continue to make changes to the work approach, it has become increasingly popular to meet at Starbucks for a good coffee whilst having a meeting. This engagement across a social setting often allows for a different experience rather than across a desk in the office.

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How to plan for a fit-out project

For anyone, planning a fit-out is a significant task never mind when its for an office which is where the magic happens and the money is made for your business. In order for your fit-out to be successful and without hindrance, it must be planned for properly with risk mitigation thought through carefully and end goals considered.

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How Nature Can Build a Better Office Future

Over the past year, most of us have had our lives flipped upside down. With the addition of working from home, home-schooling, cut off physical contact, no social life with friends and family, it is safe to say the pandemic has hit us all hard. However, with all this time and space to think, we have been able to think about the essential things. It has proved to be possible to work from home, have a Saturday night in on the sofa and or spend more time in nature. The less commuting, fewer emissions, and creating less impact on the environment and the planet as a result.

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Office Refurbishment - Bringing The Outdoors In

When you are thinking about an office refurb, the average person would think how much space do I need, how many boardrooms, how many seats? However, one of the most important questions you should be asking is how may plants will I need in my office refurbishment?

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Why Office Design Matters To Your Start-Up Business

Designing your office might not be at the forefront of your mind when starting your own business. You might not thing that its necessary for a brand your size, or you might not be financially ready. However, it is essential to think about the right environment for your business and team in order to actually generate growth and revenue.

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We Can Bring You a VR Experience Like No Other!

With the modern era becoming more enticed to the technology, it is important for us, Office Insight, to provide the most unique experiences when you come to visit our showroom. Is there any other way to provide an experience where you can see your final design in a completely different world like VR? Because we do not think there is!

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