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Guest Blog | How Workplace Design Influences Productivity

When it comes to workplace design, seemingly trivial adjustments and enhancements can lead to big improvements from a productivity standpoint. If you are interested in approaching workplace design more strategically to ultimately increase your bottom line and improve the well-being of your workforce, the following suggestions will help point you in the right direction.

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4 ways you can add an artistic touch to your office space

Art - 'the expression of human creative skill and imagination. Typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power'. Adding a deeper philosophical meaning to both the culture and aesthetics of your office space, art is something which can be enjoyed by all - something that leaves a lasting impression on anyone entering or leaving the building.

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4 reasons why your office should have a social space

The workplace has always been an important place for people, especially now, after over a year of being physically distanced when working from home. As the trend shifts from having a 30/70 ratio of open space to closed-off space to now having 50/50 or in some cases 70/30 collaboration space - the social space is an important part of this. Having a social space links with the concept of flexible working, and is about boosting collaboration between employees allowing a more relaxed approach in comparison to the previous formal arrangement. As gen Z continue to make changes to the work approach, it has become increasingly popular to meet at Starbucks for a good coffee whilst having a meeting. This engagement across a social setting often allows for a different experience rather than across a desk in the office.

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A guide to managing your desk cables and wires.

A clear desk resembles a clear mind, we are often reminded. Organization is a key player on the productivity team, and in particular a tidy workspace. Considering we spend on average, over 50% of our time at our desk, it's important that it is organized effectively so that time is not wasted searching trying to find the right cable to charge your computer for example. Equally, we all know what it's like to work with that stubborn wire in the way, that just won't budge. It's easy to spend so much time trying to work around the cables on your desk, rather than finding an efficient way that works for you.

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Guest Blog | How office signage is beneficial to staff and clients

Despite the move to remote-/hybrid-working, the office is still alive and well. It’s just largely taken on a new function as a place to meet rather than a place to do tasks. This means that now is the perfect time to review how it functions. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to office signage and how it benefits staff and clients

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How your office can embody your company's values.

Having an inspirational and engaging office space can not only boost the morale and productivity of the staff, but can also act as an effective marketing tool for the stakeholders that you bring into the office. Staff, shareholders and most importantly, clients, can all be left with the resounding impression of what your company is and stands for.

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Guest Blog | 4 ways to improve your diversity strategy

A diverse workforce comes with a lot of benefits. Higher rates of workplace diversity can help companies innovate, evolve, and solve problems more efficiently and effectively. It can help them initiate other means of solution to a problem that is being addressed in one way. Moreover, a diverse workplace is more likely to address customer needs and develop new ideas to fulfill them.

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Are ergonomics worth the investment?

Back pain, neck pain and eye strain. All too familiar, yet simple to fix. Around 90% of the time we spend in the office is in front of a computer or other electronic devices - and why shouldn’t it be, as technology continues to advance, it's becoming more and more of a power tool that needs to be embraced and implemented. However, there are ways of making the use of technology a better and more comfortable experience through solutions such as ergonomics.

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5 ways you will benefit from an office fit-out

The best thing about office refurbishment is that it doesn’t necessarily require you to move offices. Finding a way to repurpose and re-utilise the space you currently have can bring many benefits to your business, in ways you may not have thought about before. Whilst maybe its an extra cost, it is no doubt an investment which will not only improve your staff's work experience but also your clients. Read on to find out more.

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