Office refurbishment costs per square foot 2022

An office refurbishment will typically cost £40 - 70 Sq Ft. However, a higher specification of refurbishment may result in costs higher than our estimates. 

If you're looking to get an idea of the cost of your office refurbishment, then use our new cost calculator tool to input your specifications to initially sense check whether your budget will meet your expectations.

At Officeinsight, we cater for a variety of different needs, from refurbishing a completely new office space to completing a refit of an existing space. Check out more what we do here

Definition of an office refurbishment:

An office refurbishment is a refreshing of an existing space. Usually, this space has become outdated and is no longer meeting your business’ needs, whether these be a need to increase suitability towards sustainable practices or prepare for a new era of working trends such as flexible working or remote working. The aim of a refurbishment is to upgrade your existing space into a totally new and improved space so that your business is no longer hindered by a lack of productivity or low morale.

Definition of an office fit-out:

An office fit-out includes both an office refurbishment (an upgrading of an existing space) and also when a business moves into a new space which they want fitting out with new furniture. There are three main types of office fit-outs that we deal with and these are CAT A, CAT B and CAT A+. Click here to read more on what type of office fit-out you require.

At Officeinsight we like to make the office refurbishment costs as simple, clear and straight forward as possible. We create a plan and a quotation; the quotation is created as a schedule, split into the different elements of the shop like a 'shopping list', breaking down the individual refurbishment costs against each item description.