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How quickly can I have the final design?

The final design is the completed, signed and sealed design which will be used to deliver the office space. Completing the final design marks the end of the Design stage, and means that the next stage can now be started – to Deliver. Our usual guidance is that this stage takes between 3 and 5 weeks, meaning that within that time frame, you can receive your final design.

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How long does the design stage take?

The length of the Design stage depends on the size of the project and how quickly your team can feedback on the concepts presented. The faster the communication between teams, the less time the whole process takes, and you can move onto the Deliver stage.

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What is the design process?

Design is what brings your ideas to life. Listening, learning, probing, asking questions of you and your employees and observing how you use your space all feed into creating your unique office space design. An essential middle part of our renowned 3d process.

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Six ways to prepare for a site visit when planning an office fit-out

The site visit could be the first face-to-face meeting that you have with your prospective office fit-out team, and you could be left feeling nervous and overwhelmed with what needs to be ready and prepared by then.

Our checklist should make it easier to feel ready for the initial site visit and by making sure all of these points are met, it allows the site visit to run efficiently. The aim of first site visit is to make sure the office design and fit-out team gets all of the information that’s needed to take your office fit-out to the next stage.

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Our six considerations for an office fit-out project

A while ago, we came up with some questions that you can answer to help you create the perfect office fit-out brief – click here to read more about that. When creating an office brief, there are a lot of considerations to make to ensure that your project gets the best possible start, and our expert team of office design and fit-out specialists have split these up into six easy points for you to consider when pulling together your office fit-out brief.

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