Industrial Interiors: How to Incorporate the Industrial Look in your Office Design

As office design changes and evolves, the question most frequently asked is what are the latest trends? In answer to this, we can safely say that 'the industrial look' which started in the home has now spread to the office environment and its design concepts. Along with this is a need for minimalism and choosing practicality over style - sounds perfect for an office, right? However, you may be reading this and thinking: what is the industrial look? To put it simply, its going for the minimalistic look, turning structural elements into bold showpieces and achieving a look that seems unfinished, yet come across as cohesive and chic.


The industrial look is, in fact simpler than you may perceive, small changes that you can easily make within your office design can help to give your office the edge that you have always been looking for. It’s about embracing any bricks or concrete you may have in your building, boldly exposing it and turning them into a masterpiece. Choosing metal features or furniture is another favoured approach as many people trying an industrial style for the first time are surprised by how versatile metal can be, with various colours and textures available.


Blend the metal with a natural look- for some people, the thought of combining rugged, industrial fixtures with the smooth, curved lines of a natural look seems counter-intuitive. It’s easy to forget that metal itself is a natural material, and you’ll be surprised by just how elegantly these elements can combine and contrast. It’s never been more in style to include nature within your design schemes, and industrial fixtures can make the perfect highlight for a green space. Wood, stone, and earthy colours also complement a more traditional industrial interior.

As there is a worldwide focus on sustainability, the industrial look is a popular concept for this as you can easily up-cycle products that could have ended up in the bin. It’s about finding new, functional purposes for once cast-aside objects to create an inspiring space.