We would say that you need approximately 100 square feet per employee, 50 square feet per desk and another 50 square feet for communal areas.

Your brand is the image staff and customers have of your business. Consideration should therefore be given to what you want the whole space to say about the business and what messages such as company values you want to communicate. Choosing your brand colour scheme to decorate the space with, and having your logo present are important but equally are ways to personalise the space so its instantly recognisable are your space.

There are definitely no added difficulties when refurbishing an existing office space compared to an empty shell, as each type of fit-out comes with its own obstacles. However, an experienced team, should be able to easily overcome any hurdles.

You may have a long list of ideas for how your refurbished office should look, or you may be feeling a bit lost with the endless design possibilities! We would recommend starting by assembling an in house, cross functional committee with a single project manager to act as a spokesperson and asking what you seek to achieve with your refurbishment project. You may seek to change your culture, improve wellbeing and productivity or attract the best candidates for your company.

The best office refurbishment companies employ designers who can look at what you want to achieve and use their artistic flair to create a truly bespoke office space based upon your needs. The best place to start would be to get in touch with us.


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