You and your staff may be feeling apprehensive about returning to the workplace, and how it is all going to work, so we’ve created a Safe Return to Work Solution to ensure everyone’s safe and comfortable transition back into their place of work. We’ve developed a one-stop-shop to offer a unique solution for all that you will require, from a range of contact-free sanitisation stations, signage, social distancing stickers and sanitiser, to an overlaid space plan to enable social distancing. By making such adaptations to your workplace, you can help give your employees peace of mind whilst providing them with a safe environment to thrive in and an easy to return to normal in the future. 


We have put together a simple 5-part plan to help cover all areas for preparing for safeguarding your workspace. 


Our space planning service will optimise your current spaces to allow for social distancing measures. We would overlay this onto your existing plans to create a temporary, Covid 19 safe, workplace. We consider the movement of staff and visitors in the space, using any shared facilities you have, the exits & entry points, meeting spaces, safe to use workstations etc. We set out to make very minimal physical changes to the design but by utilising what you have with adding in screening, signage, etc to identify what can & cannot be used in the current phase of Covid 19. We propose a low-cost solution that can easily be adapted and/or removed when the requirements ease.


Our 10mm Clear Polycarbonate Twinwall protective screens can attach directly onto existing desks to provide extra protection for employees without causing damage to your desking. 


We have a range of signage products specially designed for this stock that can be incorporated into the Space Planning Service. These provide a very visual & clear solution showing routes, social distancing, temporarily out of service etc. Our 200mm Furniture stickers are easy to peel able making for a simple exercise to reinstate and/or adapt the workspace as conditions return to normal


Contact-free sanitisation solutions offer employees easy access and additional peace of mind. We have a wide range of solutions in stock along with good stocks of 80% Alcohol Sanitiser 


We suggest engaging with your cleaners & HVAC partners to carry out a deep clean & filter change before re-opening your workspace. We would advise increasing the frequency of these functions going forwards to reduce the ongoing risks of infection transfer. We can arrange for this to be done by our accredited contractors if you would prefer.