An interesting advantage of photo real renders in office design

We visited one of our clients recently to see the completed project and gather feedback on our design approach, service and products.  One point that the marketing manager made was particularly interesting.

He said ‘We found that the photo–realistic renders really helped the staff visualise the new space and therefore buy into the change before it (the office remodel) happened. Having them on side minimised the disruption to the company and resistance to any change.’

This was a complex project as the staff remained in the offices whilst the work was undertaken.  Some of the construction work was carried out during weekends saving disturbance.

This shows another benefit of having renders created when designing a new office space.  Having the staff on side and cooperating makes a massive difference for both the companies involved in the project.

Resistance to change can be a potential obstacle to overcome when re modelling offices.  If the staff can see why the changes are being made and how they will help achieve the companies vision and long term goals they are much more likely buy into the transition.   Having renders and visualisations not only helps staff see what the space will look like but they should see how it will improve their working lives.

Another manager from the same company mentioned that given the fact that it’s over 2 months since the project was completed, the desks and new space is still kept very tidy, he hadn’t seen this kind of respect before.  This shows that including the staff in the design process before starting any construction works pays dividends.   The more transparent you are with the changes, the more likely the staff will buy into the change and support the business moving forward.