A series of blog posts looking into various trends and movements that have shaped the office space.

New year; New Office Trends for 2022.

As the past two years, in terms of office spaces, have provided a rollercoaster ride for the use of our offices. 2020 brought the office home and introduced the remote working era. 2021 continued with some remote working but as the pandemic flattened, also allowed for some in-office working. What will 2022 bring?
To put it simply, offices will be seeing efficiency, functionality and comfort as the top priorities as the need to adapt to methods such as hybrid working rise in popularity.

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Office Refurbishment - Bringing The Outdoors In

When you are thinking about an office refurb, the average person would think how much space do I need, how many boardrooms, how many seats?

However, one of the most important questions you should be asking is how may plants will I need in my office refurbishment?

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Our Office Future

We take a look at some of the technologies that are being integrated into the modern workplace and what the future holds for the traditional office.

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Terrariums - Liven Up Your Desk

Whilst planting trees in office atriums and constructing moss filled walls in office breakout areas are both beneficial and aesthetically pleasing they can be out of scope for a lot of companies with a small amount of space and even smaller budgets. That’s where terrariums come in.

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We Can Bring You a VR Experience Like No Other!

With the modern era becoming more enticed to the technology, it is important for us, Office Insight, to provide the most unique experiences when you come to visit our showroom.
Is there any other way to provide an experience where you can see your final design in a completely different world like VR? Because we do not think there is!

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