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Our collection of guest blog posts featuring articles from business leaders, designers and marketers from the Office design and workplace industries.

Designing a Shared Workspace

When designing a co-working space for multiple people to use, there are often various factors to consider that make a suitable working environment. We take a look at the essential ingredients of the perfect shared workspace.

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Guest Blog | 10 Desk Items You Need To Boost Productivity

Whether you work from home or are heading back into the office, your desk is where you spend most of your day. To be more efficient and achieve your career goals, you need a space that is full of all the tools and accessories you need to succeed. Keeping a clean and clear workspace is the best way to set your day up for productivity. Below are 10 desk items you need to increase success and unleash your most productive self!

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Guest Blog | 3 Reasons Why Office Cleanliness Is Important

Poor office cleanliness can have impacts on both mental and physical health. On average, office workers tend to spend between 8-9 hours in their workspace every day, so it is important that the time spent in the office isn’t having a direct impact on their health and wellbeing. A study found that since 2011, there have been over 12 million sick days taken which could have been prevented and that have cost businesses billions of pounds in lost work. This also shows the rate at which many employees are getting sick in relation to their workplace and how it could have been avoided if proper actions were taken in regards to cleanliness.

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Guest Blog | 3 Simple Ways To Incorporate Branding Into Your Office Design

Having a consistent brand across your products and company is vital, so why should your office be any different? Showing potential employees, clients and also your current workforce that you have a strong sense of who you are as a company is so important to build and maintain a strong team and client base. Here are some simple ways to incorporate your brand into your office design!

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Guest Blog | 4 Top Tips For Looking After Your Remote Team's Wellbeing

Remote and homeworking are much more commonplace now, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, with this, keeping employees engaged and motivated from afar can be a struggle, especially with the general life and pandemic stresses thrown in the mix, too.

We’ve all been tested and pushed to extremes in ways that we have never experienced before in the past 12 months, but at a time where unemployment levels are rocketing, it is important to understand how to support your employee’s motivation levels, mental health and wellbeing, especially if they are working remotely.

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Guest Blog | 4 ways to improve your diversity strategy

A diverse workforce comes with a lot of benefits. Higher rates of workplace diversity can help companies innovate, evolve, and solve problems more efficiently and effectively. It can help them initiate other means of solution to a problem that is being addressed in one way. Moreover, a diverse workplace is more likely to address customer needs and develop new ideas to fulfill them.

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Guest Blog | 4 Ways To Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Covid-19 has impacted our lives in almost every way possible, including our working environment. For those of you who have had to adjust to moving from a vibrant and engaging office to working alone at home, you may have found that your productivity has decreased. There are some pretty simple ways that you can boost productivity when working at home, so have a read and try a few different methods to see what suits you!

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