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How Can You Improve The Productivity In Office? | Guest Blog

If you are a working man or woman, you tend to spend more than ten hours of the day in your office. Hence, as a business owner, you must give a hundred per cent comfort and provide a healthy working environment to your employees. If employees are in good working condition, they will also share their 100% work and enhance their productivity.

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How Offices Will Look in 2025

Our turbulent relationship with the office is on a downturn — we just don’t love it right now. Increasingly, we are led to reimagine unconventional spaces that enable us to work in a more flexible, less restricted manner.

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How to Find the Perfect Storage Solution for Your Office

As your business expands and your workforce increases, using space effectively can be crucial to creating a sustainable working environment. Here are four office storage solutions that could not only save you the space to house more people but could also make document retrieval more efficient.

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How To Make Your Office Eco-friendly

​Today’s pollution and damage to the planet is highly documented for every one of us to see and provides us with a small taste of what’s truly going on in the world. Join us on our journey to work as a team and make the office green in 5 simple steps.

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Is Sitting Still Bad? (A 2021 Review Of The Research) | Guest Blog

​“Sitting is the new smoking,” tweeted Stuart Millinship on August 27, 2010. This tweet was a response to a post “reporting that even if you get plenty of physical exercises, sitting down all day reduces your lifespan.”

At first glance, Millinship’s tweet may sound like hyperbole, but it is based on the views of academics like Dr James Levine, the man who invented the treadmill desk.

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