Define, Design, Deliver: The Define Tool

Are you unsure on how your office space will be used after the pandemic? Will you need smaller meeting rooms? More meeting rooms? What percentage of your staff can work from home? Will your colleagues feel safe when returning to the office? What are your occupancy levels? How will you use your space going forwards?

These are all common questions you may be asking yourself on return to the office. This is where we come in to help. We have created The Define Tool to help you gather data around 4 key elements that form an intelligent office design.

These four key elements include People, Wellbeing, Collaboration and Space.  

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Our Define Tool will help to remove the subjective assumptions on occupancy, working patterns, worker types, your people needs and much more!

The results collected from the data will inform you with financial or practical decisions such as reconfiguration, a move, a reduction or even an expansion, the possibilities are endless.

The Define Tool also helps you the gain understanding on any fears you and your people may have when returning to the office environment. We can present insights on how the office can become successful at retaining and attracting talent within your industry in the new normal. The Tool will also provide your business with data on how your employees currently use the space in your office. If your space currently does not provide the ability to work effectively, we can explore insights on how your people can interact as a company within each department. 

Define tool

96% of users found that the Define Tool is easy and quick to use and began to understand that an intelligent design considering the quantities of assigned desks and hot desks but also meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and focus work zones, is a useful tool within their company.

For more information on how you can analyse the working patterns of your people and departments and how this affects the post-pandemic world, request access here.