Guest Blog | 5 Benefits of Moving Office with The Help of a Removals Company in Manchester

Manchester, together with Birmingham, is recognised as the second most globally influential city in the UK after London. In this city, various industries including digital and creative, financial, legal, and business services, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, environmental technologies, and real estate are all prevalent.

The city is home to various foreign-owned companies, as well as almost 50% of the Top 500 businesses in the Northwest. Moreover, the number of businesses in the area is ever-growing with the steady influx of companies that are either establishing or relocating their headquarters and offices to Manchester.

However, office relocations to Manchester are not as easy as they seem. This is especially true when you plan to do it without the guidance or assistance of a professional moving company.

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to hire a removals company when I’ve already got a competent team to handle the job?” Well, you should know that while having a large team of office staff certainly solves any manpower issues you may have, there are still more than enough reasons for you to hire a removals company instead.

To help you decide if hiring professional movers truly is the way to go, we’ve come up with a quick guide for your perusal!

Why A Manchester Removals Company Is Ideal When Moving Offices

Here are five reasons why a Manchester removals company is beneficial for your upcoming office move:

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Your Company’s Equipment and Furniture Will Be Safe

Relocating your office will involve the packing and transportation of many pieces of expensive equipment. That means you will only want the best and most reliable hands on the job! After all, you and your team moving these items by yourself may lead to damaged goods that are too costly to repair or replace.

However, with a removals company on the job, you can rest easy! Manchester removals firms will have the necessary experience and tools to ensure that your items are handled with the utmost care and safety.

You can also trust that with a removals company on the job, any damages will be covered by your professional mover’s liability insurance.

There Will Be Minimal Disruption to Business Operations

A removals company will surely handle the packing and transportation of most of your company equipment. Hence, you and your team may focus on making sure the business runs as smoothly as possible despite the major transition.

There is no doubt about your team’s productivity and efficiency. However, there is still a high possibility that either their work or their moving-related tasks will suffer in favour of the other. And you wouldn’t want that, do you? So, why not just hire a removal company to save yourselves from potential trouble?

Moreover, removals companies will be quick and efficient in getting you all packed up and moved out. That means you will not have to halt your business operations for days while you and your team get situated in your new space!

Still haven’t found the best office space for you and your team? Here is a list of things you should consider when relocating offices!

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It Will Be Cost-Effective

Although it may seem like enlisting your employees to handle the moving tasks will cost you less, that is not always the case. There are many expenses a company would have to shoulder out of pocket when organising and executing an office relocation on their own. This includes:


  • Packing materials
  • Moving vehicle rental and fuel
  • Extra hands for the job
  • Equipment rental fees
  • Full repair or replacement costs for damaged items


On the other hand, hiring a removals company for the job would mean paying an all-inclusive fee that will include most of the items listed above, and more!  These professionals know exactly how much of anything and everything they will need for the job. This, in turn, means you won’t have to waste company funds on surplus packing materials, among many others!

There Will Be Less Risk of Physical Injuries

Injuries are very common when one tries to move or carry heavy and bulky objects without proper technique. Therefore, it is much easier for you to leave the hard work and heavy lifting to those who are trained for it.

Here are some injuries that may be acquired by improperly lifting or carrying heavy objects.

The Team Will Be Less Stressed

Lastly, your team will not have to stress that they are being stretched too thin. There will be less pressure on their shoulders, nor will they have to deal with the many technical and complicated issues surrounding the move like packing fragile goods and carrying bulky items!

That means you and your team will all be free from the physical and emotional stresses that relocating offices may bring about!

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Ready to Hire A Removals Company for Your Office Move to Manchester?

Have you been convinced to hire a Manchester removals company for your big office relocation? If so, make sure to check out more than a couple of options to make sure you are getting the best deals possible!

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