Guest Blog | 5 Ways You Can Boost Office Morale This Summer

5 Ways You Can Boost Office Morale This Summer

Summer is here and that means chilled out barbecues, refreshing cold drinks and days spent lounging in the garden, unless you’re stuck in work. When the weather is nice out, it’s not uncommon to notice a dip in morale around the office. Everyone wants to get out and enjoy the sun whilst they can and their focus may not always be on their work.

 You may notice that work standards start to drop, sick days begin to be used and lunch breaks start getting a little longer. Whilst you can always take the disciplinary route, this is unlikely to do you any favours. Encouragement always works more successfully that punishment and you’re likely to be feeling the same! There are some ways that you can boost morale levels during warm weather and these are bound to have a positive effect on productivity.


Have Fresh Fruit Delivered

There is very little which is more exciting than having free food when you work in an office. Whilst catered lunch breaks are a great way to get your employees feeling motivated, they are also costly and hard to implement. However, instead of a cooked lunch, why not consider a fresh fruit delivery instead?

 During the summer months, employees are more likely to want to eat healthier and you can cater to everyone's dietary requests and allergies too. If you really want to push the boat out, why not order a breakfast hamper made up of pastries, bread, honey, fresh coffee and fruit as a surprise one morning?

 Fresh fruit for the office

Plan Some Company Outings

Summer is the perfect time to plan some company outings with your employees. Even something as simple as an al-fresco lunch one day will let both you and your employees enjoy the sun and forget the stresses of work, even if just for a little while.

Depending on your budget, you could book even more extravagant events, such as team-building activities, quiz nights or a trip to a theme park. Company outings aren’t just fun but also encourage team bonding, trust and employees also clear their mind of work-related matters which can be stressful.


Recognise The Good

For many workplaces, the Summer and Christmas periods are when things take a lull. Clients are doing less, more people are away on holiday and everyone is in a different kind of mood. This is the perfect time for you to get to know your employees and recognise the work they have been doing.

When work is busy, we tend to forget to give praise and often just watch and wait for it to continue, but this can lead to employees feeling unmotivated and under-appreciated. If someone is succeeding, tell them so. If they are getting great feedback from clients, let them know it isn’t going unnoticed. Even just pulling them into a 5-minute meeting will give them a much-needed boost.

office team building


Organise Some Office-Based Surprises

If your workplace hasn’t slowed down for the summer, you may want to consider organising some office-based surprises instead if you can’t find time to get away from the office. If your workspace has kitchen facilities, why not get a chef to come in and make lunch for everyone? Or have a festival afternoon, where you put on some music, get some glitter makeup and glow sticks and make some summer drinks. Even just some fresh smoothies, ice creams or doughnuts picked up on your way in are sure to perk everyone up for the day!


Refresh your Office Design

If your current office design is looking a little tired and dated, then this will be having a direct effect on your employees. If the walls could do with a fresh coat of paint, you need new office furniture or even if it just needs a really good deep clean, then this can be done over a weekend ready to surprise people on a Monday morning. Many managers don’t realise that a tired and old office design with worn furniture has a negative effect on employees, often causing discomfort and back pain. Make the office feel fresh and new and you’ll encourage employees to feel the same.


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