7 Beautifully designed offices in the UK

by Leanne Thompson

Switching up your office layout and updating your decor may seem like a lengthy task, but the benefits are well worth it. Research shows that new office layouts can result in increased productivity, new chances for collaboration and employee interaction, improved office morale and better organisation. Think about it - you’re not going to look forward to going into work, if you’re sat all day at an uncomfortable workspace in a dingy, cramped office. Update your office decor and see how some simple changes can empower employees, and help your business grow and thrive. Get some inspiration with these top 7 beautifully designed office spaces in the UK:

Broadwick Street, Soho, London

Broadwick Street is a brand new office development in the heart of vibrant Soho, offering stunning panoramic views of the London skyline. This stylish space features a clean and fresh interior, with a hint of colour added to give it a homely feel. The reception area is open plan and has been created using neutral tones. Modern raised furniture gives the entire space a feeling of airiness and adds to the overall minimalist design of the space. The impressive meeting rooms have been beautifully decorated in a contemporary style, using natural materials which provide warmth and texture to the space. Large, floor to ceiling windows have been used to allow plenty of natural sunlight and create bright, airy rooms.

Houzz, London

Houzz is a modern office development in London which has been thoughtfully designed to include quirky themed meeting rooms, a sports room complete with ping-pong table and basketball hoop, and a rooftop terrace with stunning 360 degree views of the city. The space was designed to offer a home-from-home environment and features contemporary open-plan offices, exposed brick and vibrant colours. Every level has a well-stocked Houzz cafe and break out areas, where employees can take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Every room has been designed to a specific theme - there’s an Italian wardrobe room, a beach-inspired Mediterranean room, and even a garden themed meeting room, where employees can enjoy all year round summer with soft green grass, blue sky and a beautiful garden mural. 

Society, Aberdeen

Society is a brand new top-floor office development in the heart of Aberdeen, offering amazing views of the city. The space features plenty of vibrantly decorated break out areas, where staff can take some time to relax or mingle with people from other departments. The design in plush and homely and has been created using natural materials including walnut desks and timber tables. History played a big part in the design of this space and the development features a well-stocked library with plenty of interesting artistic artefacts. There are also several bespoke made train carriages, which have been used to create quirky meeting spaces.

Red Badger, London

Red Badger’s office is based at Old Street in the heart of “tech city” in the centre of London. The open-plan space features several quirky design features and was created to provide a welcoming, homely environment. There are several break out areas, offering comfortable furniture and stylish wall art, where employees can work in a relaxed environment. The office features a number of well-equipped meeting rooms which have been designed in a contemporary style, featuring neutral tones and large windows to allow plenty of natural light.

JellyFish, London

JellyFish is located on the 22nd floor of the iconic Shard building, right in the centre of London. The modern design features work perfectly with the shape and angles of The Shard, and the space provides world class training facilities and incredible views of the London skyline.  The offices offer a bright and comfortable space with beautifully designed break out areas for employees to relax in. There are also themed meeting rooms, including a garden room, which features soft grass carpet and floor to ceiling windows which allow plenty of natural sunlight and add to the overall feeling of airiness.

Intervivos, Brighton

Intervivos’s new office space in Space Works Brighton was designed to create a welcoming, relaxed environment. It features a bright open plan seating area - perfect for a quick catch up meeting or informal chat - several soundproof meeting rooms equipped with all the latest technology, and a plush designed coffee shop and fresh deli with comfortable furniture and plenty of delicious food options. It’s simplistic design keeps the environment ‘clutter-free’ and creates a clean feel. There is also a beautifully designed top floor terrace with deck chairs and views of the sea front, a cafe bar bar and a breakout meeting area.  

OpenTable, London

OpenTable have a newly designed office located in the centre of London. This vibrant space features a large, bright communal area which allows employees to work, eat, meet and socialise in a comfortable, relaxed area. The interior has been designed in bold tones and each room has unique floor coverings, special furniture choices and distinctive feature lighting.  There are a variety of soundproof meeting rooms and phone booths, allowing employees to work in a focused environment.