Guest Blog | The Importance of Ergonomics in the Office

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in the workplace and what can be done to help workers perform at an optimum level and stay healthy. Ergonomics comes with various benefits for employees including office safety. 

The study of ergonomics includes looking for ways to improve the design of the tools that employees use. This includes everything from the chairs people sit on, the desks they use, and the posture of the person as they type. We discuss the various benefits and the importance of ergonomics in the office. 

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Why is ergonomics in the office important?

Having poor or a lack of ergonomics can lead to repetitive stress injuries such as back pain, neck and joint pain, and carpal tunnel. Improper ergonomics is a huge workplace risk faced by many office workers across the country. 

If you’re wondering what differences the proper ergonomics can make, a Norwegian study found that improvements to workstation design and seating decreased back-related absenteeism. According to a study in the US, ergonomic changes were found to increase employee productivity by 15 percent. 

Ergonomic injuries can have a significant impact on the employee and the organization. 80 percent of people will experience back pain during their lives. Ultimately ergonomics goes beyond pain, it can also affect a company’s bottom line. 


Reduce costs

If you invest in strategic office ergonomics you can reduce risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders that are generally caused by poor posture and movement repetition. To reduce additional costs due to injury, invest in ergonomic office chairs. 


Boost productivity

By designing a workspace that promotes good posture with easier heights and reaches, it encourages efficiency which will lead to productivity. Employees who have less repetitive motions have more energy and this also encourages productivity. 

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Build a culture of safety

Your employees are your most valuable asset and keeping them safe is not only good business but ethical. By making health and safety a priority in your company, in collaboration with ergonomics, you are sending a clear message to your staff that their health and safety is important to you. 


How to identify ergonomics issues in the workplace

As sedentary jobs increase in volume, the research is done on the effects of these jobs on our bodies also increases. For many, the concept of ergonomics is not a concrete science and is hard to relate to the workplace and even harder to understand the impact of life outside of work. 

How do you identify potential ergonomic issues before they become an injury? 

Most people who work in an office environment spend most of their day sitting in one spot, and while this isn’t a problem, a poorly designed chair can contribute to strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. Studies have shown that poor quality office chairs are one of the top three ergonomic hazards found in work offices. 


Provide ergonomic solutions for your employees

There are various ways you can ensure that your employees have the right tools to be comfortable and productive. Sit-to-stand desks have become increasingly popular as these desks give employees the option of a seamless transition from sitting to standing with minimal effort.  Ergonomic chairs are another solution to assist your employees as they provide adequate support for the lower back and allow your muscles to relax as you sit and work. All Office has an entire range of ergonomic office furniture and accessories to help you create a safe work environment for your employees.