How Can You Improve The Productivity In Office? | Guest Blog

If you are a working man or woman, you tend to spend more than ten hours of the day in your office. Hence, as a business owner, you must give a hundred per cent comfort and provide a healthy working environment to your employees. If employees are in good working condition, they will also share their 100% work and enhance their productivity. To ensure good health and comfortable working conditions, you need to keep your office clean and tidy. Apart from that, you must use natural lights, a proper ventilation system, and the best electrician system for your office. 

However, one of the essential things is lighting. Yes, you heard it right; good and comfortable lighting options can enhance employees' comfort zone. Electrician plays a critical role in lighting your office. But you should have some basic knowledge about it. So, here is everything that you should know about lighting and could temperate if you are planning to renovate your office or building a new one. 

Lighting affects both mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some basics about colour temperatures:  

Different Types of Colour Temperature:

When the sun is shining, the light measures 5000k throughout midday, during overcast daylight measures around 7000k. Florescent rays of daylight are 6300k. Cool or daylight colour temperatures are high colour temperatures above 4600 kelvins. Cool white colour temperatures are between 3,100K to 4,600K.   

Colour temperatures that are up to 3000k are warm. Incandescent lights are close to 2500k. If you wonder which light colours are the best, you must know that the light near the midday sun, also known as excellent light, is best for employees. 

If you can provide natural sunlight to your employees, it will increase their better productivity and boost their energy. However, if, due to infrastructure, it is not possible, then you must provide the best lighting options. If you do not understand these basics of lighting, then high hire an electrician. 

Color temperature

Alternative To Natural Light:

If your office or some parts of the office situates in a place where natural light cannot reach, you will have to depend on the artificial light; in this case, you must go for blue-enriched light that measures up to 17000k. This light will enhance the productivity, as well as the mental health of employees. 

Such light is known to block the production of a hormone that makes us feel tired. This hormone is responsible for fatigue and daytime sleeping spells. Thus, implanting blue-enriched light is one of the best possible solutions in the absence of natural sunlight. Such lighting can be installed in the workstation.  

If you install warm lighting in the office, it will also provide comfort to employees. You can implant warm light in places like canteen and meeting rooms. If you want to install lighting in conference rooms, you should go for mid-range lighting. Such light will help in increasing alertness. 

 Office lighting

These are some of the basics of colour temperature. However, if you are not sure about them, hiring a well-trained electrician is the best alternative

Electricians are well aware of the type of lightings, and they will make sure to install the right light in the right place. Thus, hiring the right electrician when updating the office lighting is a must thing to do. They not only install the proper lighting system in your office, but they can also save your power consumption cost by installing some LEDs.