How Nature Can Build a Better Office Future

Over the past year, most of us have had our lives flipped upside down. With the addition of working from home, home-schooling, cut off physical contact, no social life with friends and family, it is safe to say the pandemic has hit us all hard. However, with all this time and space to think, we have been able to think about the essential things. It has proved to be possible to work from home, have a Saturday night in on the sofa and or spend more time in nature. The less commuting, fewer emissions, and creating less impact on the environment and the planet as a result.

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Now that we can reassess and re-evaluate what’s important, companies are becoming more innovative and successful by offering their staff a hybrid model and flexibility to support their work-life balance.

However, there is much more we can be doing to help protect our planet if we are not doing so already. We can do this by either remaining or building a better office future facilitated by designers, architects, and project managers, incorporating nature into the importance of a good design.

Working in spaces that feel more natural, including planting, helps boost our health and well-being, helping us cope through those stressful workdays. A 2010 study shows that when plants are potted indoors, a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety and a 58% drop up depression was recorded. Studies continue to show that adding some form of greenery in the form of an outdoor plant can have significant benefits to employees working from their office. 

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Everybody loves a spot of greenery; whether it is in your workplace or elsewhere, we have an innate desire to relate to nature, which scientists call biophilia. Plants naturally filter toxins from the room which they grow in and help to freshen up the room. If an office space has poor ventilation, employees may get sick a lot quicker, and although plants can fix all the problems, they certainly help relieve the burden a little. Adding plants such as Peace Lilies, Devil’s Ivy, and Spider Plants are all common plants known for air purification and help those in your office space to breathe a little better.

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Proponents of colour psychology argue that the colour green has a relaxing and calming approach and thereby is beneficial to decorate offices with this shade plants to influence the workplace potentially. We can and should make better use of outside spaces and gardens where there is the weather and space. But if not guaranteed, the conscious effort to bring the outdoors in will help absorb carbon where possible.  

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Employee’s productivity jumps by 15% when office environments are filled with just a handful of plants and greenery, according to a study from 2014. Although the psychology behind the domain helps workers engage, the happier, the more challenging colleagues work. The concept behind having a plant on your work desk creates an inviting reception.

Employees nowadays are always looking for things to take pictures of Instagram-able moments and other social media content, and plants are just starting it. Having an excellent office plant display and nature design encourages talent and retention as the featured greenery is bound to be published across employee social media and brand accounts.

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So, the question is, which plant do I choose for my office space?

The answer to that question is that not all plants will love to live in your space; they need to be considered in terms of available daylight and how often they can be watered.

At Officeinsight, our interior designers can help you to develop your ideal workspace whilst including succulents that strive. Oasis Plants are experts in designing beautiful green spaces for any industry or location, delivering each and every oasis shown in the images throughout this blog.