Mixology North 2019: How Officeinsight Delivered for Hermes

Who? What? Where? When?

Consumer delivery specialist Hermes challenged Officeinsight with designing and fitting out their Leeds based ‘tech hub.’ The client’s primary aim was to revitalise their recruitment efforts, attracting the crème de la crème of Yorkshire’s pool of software development talent in response to their overall corporate strategy of leading innovation within the logistics industry.

Let’s delve into what promises to be one of the most inspiring workplaces the Officeinsight team has created.


Original Design...

“Design the Hermes’ Hub of technology, a central business hive of innovation where ideas can spawn from thoughts of the future.”

What a brief! What a vision! – Officeinsight were chosen to define, design and deliver this futuristic ideology within a not quite so futuristic budget! With this firmly in mind, we set about designing a unique space, placing great emphasis on integrating the latest cutting-edge technology into this 7th floor riverside office building.

We provided the Hermes’ team of software developers, techies and directors with numerous unique design features not often seen within commercial design. Spaces such as the Virtual Reality suite and the custom innovation wall allow the techies to really push technology to its limits, featuring technologies such as the large smartphone which allows the developers to test and present the new mobile applications they’ve been working on!

Designing a variety of breakout spaces such as the outdoor terrace, bar area and railway carriages throughout this design has meant that every employee has a space where they can work to their maximum potential, with AV technology, power and data available in every possible space.

To maximise the appeal to the web 2.0 generation, the office was designed to be fully Instagrammable, with elements such as the biophilic neon-like signage and the angled flooring and bespoke joinery which draws your eye into the space.



Environmental Responsibility...

As with all work we undertake, conscious efforts were made to minimise the amount waste sent to landfill, working with the client to understand the elements of the space which could be refurbished rather than banished to landfill.

Kitchen units and partitioning were upcycled and implemented into our designs meanwhile ceilings were cleaned and painted to refresh the space to avoid needlessly wasting resources, with the added upside of reducing the cost of the project.

The neon-style Hermes sign dressed with biophilic elements acts as a striking centrepiece for this design. Instead of using outdated neon technologies our design team chose to employ the very cutting edge in LED lighting technology, which delivers a vastly reduced energy consumption, greater heat dissipation and improved safety with a very long lifespan.



Recruitment, Wellbeing and Productivity...

Hermes recognised that investing in an office design and build project could contribute towards achieving their key corporate objectives in terms of refreshing their culture, bolstering recruitment efforts and maximising employee wellbeing and thus employee retention.

Officeinsight and Hermes sat down to define a brief which would satisfy each of these goals, identifying key words which could then be translated into the perfect working environment for their employees.

Vibrant, homely, non-traditional and flexible were just some of the exciting drivers conjured up by Hermes tech director. “We want our parcel people to be proud parcel people in their working environment!” The result is an amalgamation of these terms, seamlessly blending both comfort and productivity to maximise employee wellbeing within the space. Creating a homely, comfortable space has been highly successful in improving wellbeing, so much so that Hermes’ has reported an 18% drop in their churn rate!

Instagrammable, funky and pantomime were the terms which describe the striking flooring, signage and bespoke joinery designed to leave visitors and prospective candidates alike with a lasting impression of the Hermes identity. It should come as no surprise that this striking design has played a part in Hermes’ time to hire dropping from an average of 100 days to 21 days, likely due to the number of high calibre applicants.

Since completion in March, Hermes are already boasting a rise in innovation! and the floodgates have certainly opened with new potential parcel people eager to join the Hermes team. Job applications have soared, with an average increase of 20% per job posting compared to just 6 months ago!


In Conclusion…

HR and Recruitment were the primary focus of this project and Officeinsight have certainly delivered! The increase in job applicants, reduced employee turnover and reduction in the time to hire truly is the proof in the pudding. The resulting space has been the subject of media coverage in outlets such as Insider, even featuring on the cover of Facilities Management Journal (linked below) which is testament to the appeal of the space Hermes and ourselves have created together - watch this space for more exciting, funky design!


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