Guest Blog | How to Attract the Best Talent in the Digital Age

As the digital climate continues to grow and develop, organisations are being forced into changing to way they do things – even when it comes to recruitment. This increasingly competitive landscape has made it challenging to find talented, enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to the job. According to a recent survey, 68.5% of workers consider themselves ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’ at work. To grab and maintain their interest, companies need to be more agile, flexible and open. With this in mind, here’s how to attract the best talent in the digital age:

Get Their Attention

On the whole, modern workers - particularly millennials, prefer a technological driven approach to a job search. They’re less likely to be circling ads in the local paper and more likely to be browsing job search websites and saving them to their favourites. Of course, they’ll still attend their university career fairs, but they’ll be attracted by the stands that are technology focused and they’ll primary research the company first on the internet.

Some companies have innovative ideas when it comes to getting the attention of applicants. For example, Riverbed, a technological firm, were interested in hiring engineers and developers who could perform well under pressure. Through a series of competitions including hackathons, programming challenges and coding tasks, they not only raised brand awareness, but also found some great new employees.

Hermes used striking office design to attract the best and brightest candidates. Their new tech hub space in Leeds boasts several unique office design elements such as an outdoor terrace area, a bar and a VR area which delivers a comfortable, forward-thinking space where employees can socialise and produce their best work.

Hermes office design bar area

Articulate What's in it for Them

Thanks to modern communication methods like video calling and online conferences, working remotely is an increasingly popular way of doing things. When people are looking for a job, they’ll always have a few main questions in their mind, including: 

  • -What is the pay?
  • -Where are they located?
  • -What are their colleagues like?
  • -What is the office environment/culture?

The next question on their list is nearly always about job perks. What can you offer the candidate that your competitors cannot? Whether it’s compensation packages, the potential to move up within the organisation or amazing away days, people like to know what benefits they’ll be receiving if they join. Advertise all of the great perks that employees will receive if they start working for your company.

The office design and environment is also key, as graduates who are entering the labour market typically want different things from their employer compared to older generations as graduates prefer a workplace where they can socialise and collaborate. This means that using careful office design to incorporate spaces for socialising and collaboration can give you the edge over your competitors when attracting the strongest candidates.

Offer Professional Certification

Offer future employees an opportunity to learn more about the industry with professional certification options. Certain companies offer training programmes within the company itself. Not only will this allow them to develop more niche skills specific to the job role, but it will also instil within them a desire to commit themselves to the job and grow within the company. By encouraging and investing in staff, you can also increase your profits, their productivity and ultimately have a better staff retention rate.

Manage your Digital Presence

Many millennials spend their days glued to their phones. These are the people fresh out of university, ready to apply all of the skills they’ve learnt into real life situations. If you manage your company’s digital presence and social platforms, you should be able to connect with your desired target market. Ensure that your accurately portray your brand’s culture and ethos through compelling messages and your office design, meanwhile using a call-to-action to encourage potential candidates to get in touch. You should also have a system in place for responding to all outreach across the channels. 

Social media symbols

Increase Job Satisfaction

Those with a lack of direction or prospects in their current role are unmotivated and as a result, they often underperform. Employees who are happy in their job will recommend the company to others, it’s that simple. So, if you continuously work on the job satisfaction level for employees, you’ll find that they’re more motivated and enthusiastic. Office design is one way in which employee satisfaction can be enhanced as one study found designing a variety of spaces where employees can work, such as quiet working zones and collaboration areas positively influences engagement and ultimately employee satisfaction.

Author Bio

Zack Halliwell is a writer in the business and marketing niche, giving advice on anything from the perfect branding to the latest tech releases. He works with a number of brands; including litigation solicitors. When not writing he can be found on long mountain walks with his dog, Batman.