How to select the correct ergonomic office chair

This blog article will help you on How to select the correct ergonomic office chair.

The office chair is one of the most used pieces of equipment within an office and, finding the right chair for a healthier and safer working environment can prove difficult as not all people suit one type of chair. Ergonomic chairs are designed to suit a range of people thanks to their many features and they help to lower stress to the Lumbar area.

There are many features that make a good ‘Ergonomic’ office chair stand out from the others which are:

  • Adjustability; arm rests, back rest, seat height, and the seat pan should all be adjustable
  • Lumbar Support; support to the back especially the Lumbar area
  • Material; the material used on the chair should be comfortable
  • Base Support; the base of the chair should be a 5 star base

All of the above allow a chair to be adjusted accordingly to suit the needs of the individual using it.

Officeinsight provide a range of these chairs that are available in different base and colour options as well as the different upholstery options such as fabric, leather and vinyl to help fit in with your working environment. Not only this but, our chairs are compliant with the HSE seating at work directive and, are SATRA tested to BS 5459 Level S severe use.

For further information (or if you still don't know how to select the correct ergonomic office chair!) please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 233 0030!