Office refurbishment

17 Jun

What is an office refurbishment?

Office refurbishment is a very popular option for many business owners.  This blog post defines office refurbishment, when it’s a valuable choice and where to start.

Office refurbishment is to refurbish your office, building or entire premises.  So instead of moving premises you take the existing building, strip out the existing fixtures and office fittings that may be worn out and old.  These are then replaced with new equipment that refreshes the look of your offices.

Why refurbish offices?

There are three main reasons why office refurbishments are commonly chosen:

Firstly – You may be extremely happy with the location of your offices, so moving and relocating would not make sense.

Secondly – If you or your employer owns the property, then it is in effect an investment as office refurbishments positively affect the re-sale value.

Thirdly – Relocating offices can prove to be very disruptive to your business and you can potentially lose quality members of staff


What is involved in an Office refurbishment?

There are many different elements to consider when refurbishing your offices.

You have to analyse what you want to achieve from your new space.  This may be more space for extra desks if your company is expanding.  It may be quieter offices if you have currently have noise issues.   It is important to consider the scope of the works, for example; will it be your offices only that are refurbished? Or will this also include the kitchen, toilets, canteen, reception area, etc.  It is important to consider all the areas that may need refurbishing, as undertaking all the works at one time will prove better value for money.

A design then needs to be drawn up; this will give you a better idea as to what you can achieve with the refurbished office space.  A 2D office design will also help you accurately determine; how many staff you can fit into a room; office sizes; meeting areas; you can see the bones of the design coming together at this stage.

Once the 2D plan is complete, for large office refurbishment projects it is wise to have 3D designs made.  These help you visualize the new space further and help you make decisions on the finer details of the overall design.

The next stage is to ensure that the new designs will pass the local building control regulations and is structurally sound.

As you may have gathered a lot of work goes into the process before the contractors start on site.  This is very important if you are to achieve what you need from the space and more.  Officeinsight takes responsibility for every stage in the office refurbishment ensuring that when you refurbish your offices they achieve what you require and more.

By carefully planning and designing your office space we can optimize your space ensuring you get the best return on investment from your office refurbishment.

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