Pop high back operator chair

15 Jun

Imagine if your car’s driving position was fixed. The manufacturer just decided the car seat would be made to suit the average driver. For drivers like you and I it would be a disaster! Stuck in long traffic jams in the same fixed position getting more frustrated by the minute with the lack of comfort.

Fortunately we’re not so short sighted. We recognised that when you are stuck in a 3 hour meeting or at your desk for hours on end, the very least you should expect is comfortable seating and all round support!

The ‘POP’ high back operator chair is a popular choice with our customers, not only for its clean, modern styling but for the extreme comfort and support!

The ‘POP chair has lots to offer with its synchronised mechanism and easy to use levers, it provides excellent dynamic support maintaining your comfort throughout the day.

But that’s not all! The independent seat and back adjustment can be provided by the ISB mechanism and simple back rake angle adjustment mechanism provide a keen entry price point to this ergonomically shaped seat providing perfect cushioning for all!

This operator chair is available in a number of configurations including; high and low back, various mechanisms available and a meeting chair with a cantilever frame.

Call 0161 233 0030 if you have any questions and we would be happy to help!