Sit stand office desks

14 Aug

Sit stand office desks are creeping into offices and are being including in more interior design schemes, particularly in the south.  Many people are asking why this product is proving so popular and how do they improve health and wellbeing in the office.

Sit stand office desks, or known as height adjustable desks, rise and fall desks or stand desks put simply is a desk that can be adjusted in height between 600mm – 1200mm so that the user can both sit and stand whilst working at their workstation.  These types of desks have been around for centuries, used by famous people including Sir Winston Churchill, so they are nothing new. We as humans were not designed to be sitting at a desk all day, we were made to be active, and therefore sitting at a desk for 6 hours or more every day can have a serious effect on our posture, health and wellbeing.

So what are the risks of sit stand office desks?

The potential risks of sitting behind a desk all day can include, heart attacks, obesity, back pain, diabetes, heart disease to name a few.  In fact one study suggested that those who sat all day are 54% more likely to die of a heart attack.

Sit stand office desks have been extremely common in the Scandinavian areas; in Denmark it is now compulsory for all employers to offer their staff the choice of a sit stand desk.  How long will it be until UK follows this trend?

The answer may seem simple - buy new desks all at standing height  nevertheless this  would prove more damaging as standing for long periods is also bad for your health.  The logic behind sit stand desks is to keep active. Therefore switching from sitting height to standing height is a way of keeping active whilst behind the desk.

Many leading brands including LinkedIn, Google and Facebook are taking on the idea of standing and sitting throughout the day.  It has been reported that the right balance of sitting and standing eliminates the ‘3 o’clock slump’ and people feel more energised at the end of the working day as a result.

So how does standing at a desk compare to real life exercise?

Some may ask, so if I was to start exercising every day or increase my time in the gym that would help? Sadly no, the main issue is sitting for long periods.

Research from The University of Chester shows standing at your desk whilst you work can burn an extra 42 calories per hour compared to sitting down. That’s the same as running 6 marathons over the course of a year.

Here are the key benefits of keeping active with a sit stand office desk:

  • Standing increases your blood circulation, which is good for your heart, and helps prevent musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Varying your working posture will activate your muscles and reduce the strain on your neck, back and body.
  • Standing at your desk while you work will help burn fat, which can lead to weight loss.
  • Improves your ergonomics, health, focus, mood and productivity

We can supply 3 different types of sit stand office desks, we have the simple ratchet operated desk, the hand crank adjustable desk and the electric desk.  The electric sit stand desk adjusts the height at the click of a button and, also available is the option for a memory feature for your perfect sitting, meeting, and standing height.  These are all cable managed, manufactured in the UK and are very sturdy.  This same sit stand desk is also available as in a bench style desk with shared components.

If you are interested and would like more information on sit stand office desks please contact us on 0161 233 0030.