Smart film glass

Smart Film Glass – Privacy at the click of a button!

Smart Film Glass is the latest creative breakthrough for privacy glass in the workplace but is also known as Switchable Film and, is the new alternative to blinds and privacy film.

This works through an electrical process. LCD film is applied directly to the glass using a self-adhesive to keep mess to a minimum. It’s when an electrical current passes through the LCD interlayer that the glass will instantly change from clear to frosted. The process can be controlled by either a remote control or a standard light switch.

There are many benefits to this glass such as

  • There’s no need for new windows or partitions to be installed as it can be fitted to existing ones as long as there’s a power supply installed adjacently to it.
  • The glass can also be used as a projection screen allowing you to display presentations and images.
  • Smart Film Glass can increase insulation to a room but, it can also keep a room cool which will lower energy costs.

If you would like a glass that provides instant privacy at the click of a button then Smart Film Glass could be the option for you! If you’d like further information on this product please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.