Top five tips to consider when choosing an office refurbishment and fit out company

28 Nov


When choosing an office refurbishment and fit out company to undertake an office project for your company, whether it’s an office refurbishment or an office fit out, a lot of contemplation, time and effort is consumed in determining which company will suit your business, project and brand the best.

With over 35 years’ experience in the office refurbishment and fit out industry, serving clients throughout Warrington, Manchester and the North West, we can sympathise with all managers and directors going through the painstaking process of selecting the most suitable office refurbishment and fit out company.  Sometimes the information can be bamboozling and the costs seem ambiguous making it extremely difficult to make a concrete decision.

Here are five common traits of a suitable office refurbishment and fit out company:

Honesty: Due to the size of the order and the potential risk involved in undertaking the project, honesty plays a crucial role.  Is the company transparent, truthful and reliable?  Have they met deadlines so far with quotations etc.? Are the staff friendly? Is the company happy to show you their offices and showroom?

Products: In an office refurbishment or fit out project there are many products included.  Do the products have warranties and guarantees?  Does the company supply the required amount of information relating to the products upon request? - This may be in relation to health and safety or compatibility etc.

Flexibility: Does the company offer a flexible quotation package? Did the company impose an office design and plan upon your company?  Was the company ready to take on your advice for the proposal? Did the designers take into consideration your current office working systems? How well did the company translate your requirements and incorporate them into the new office design?

Finance: Is the company financially healthy? Do you have to pay a large amount upfront before the work begins?

Quotation: Does the quotation include all the required elements of the work?.  Are the costs clearly allocated to each to each item? Are there images included of the products? Can the company supply references? Have you contacted those that have written the references? How positive was the feedback from these references? Can the refurbishment and fit out company supply recently completed case studies? Does the company have an environmental policy?

Take these five tips into consideration before signing off the contact as it will save you money and time in the long term.  We hear of too many instances where an office refurbishment and fit out company demands payments before any work is undertaken, delivers a poor service, and then charges extra money for work they have overlooked in the quotation and planning stage.

We believe and have proven that when a refurbishment or fit out project is well planned and thoroughly researched the project is guaranteed to be a success and highly beneficial.

If you are considering an office refurbishment or in the process of finding an office fit out company, contact Officeinsight today for a free on site consultation on 0161 233 0030.