Understanding Resimercial Designs

It is a funny word, Resimercial. It has a love-hate relationship along with it, like its purpose and what it means. But foremost, what is Resimercial Design?

Essentially, Resimercial Designing is interior design and aesthetics from both residential homes and commercial offices. These styles merged to create a homely feel. You may well be thinking, why is it a love-hate relationship? And surely everybody wants to feel like they are at home?

Introducing a Resimercial Design to your workplace will subconsciously be a reminder of being in a welcoming, comforting and homely space.

 Eloise ambursley irzqkdb8gk8 unsplash

An online poll suggests that 68% of people said they would prefer to work from home again. This pattern involved people who felt like their office space created a stressful environment. Something must shift to encourage workers to want to work in an office setting again.

Effective Resimercial design introduces people to the freedom to move around, absorb natural daylight, and provide flexibility in where they want to sit. Equally, comfortable breakout spaces or kitchens with homely warmth entices employees to feel like they have never left their home.

An employee should be in an environment that helps increase productivity, creates inspiration, and improves the employee’s well-being. By combining both home living and office living into your workplace will provide that. Resimercial Designs can provide the optimum level of comfort and functionality to co-work whilst getting the job done.

Your office is somewhere you spend your time the most, so why not captivate that homely feel in your space?

For further insights to design trends, read this blog or explore how you can implement a Resimercial Design in your workspace, get in touch with one of the Office Insight team.