We have refreshed our identity!

Over the past few years we have witnessed how technology is changing workplace design; millennials and generation X are influencing the way we work. Attracting talent is also becoming increasingly important.  This has resulted in Officeinsight changing our design priorities when meeting our client’s demands and optimising office space.  Whilst our service has been progressing, our identity hasn’t and the time has come for Officeinsight to evolve our look to reflect our offering.  We have been working with the talented team at Cube3 to develop and launch our evolved branding.

The evolving of our brand is to reflect our true image, made up of our talent, our people, our knowledge, our experience and our adaptability.  Simply put, the rounded, bold typography portrays who we are, a team of friendly, yet straight talking designers, project managers and consultants with the knowledge and experience to complete the most complex of office schemes. 

The logo reflects our consultative approach in sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise with a view to improving your workplace and its return.  This resulting in higher talent attraction, improved collaboration between teams and individuals, giving you and your team more creativity and innovation.

 ‘Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions’ - Chief of Human resources at Yahoo

 As we wave goodbye to our old branding we are eager to embrace our new evolved identity, and look forward to the exciting times ahead, in overcoming fresh challenges and being the best at what we do.