#WisdomWednesday: The Importance of Breaking Away

Do you often feel as though there are not enough hours in a day? Or feel like you have too much to do? It is effortless to convince yourself to work through lunch or that you do not have the time to break off for a brew.

However, evidence suggests that taking a break can be very beneficial for your wellbeing and your work. It is essential to take breaks from your desk, whether it is for your lunch or just a trip to the coffee machine. Relaxing and social breaks are particularly beneficial as they can help facilitate recovery and help you return to your desk feeling mentally and physically revived.

It is essential to have social breaks, for example, chatting with colleagues. In general, socially interacting helps boost employee morale and positively associate feeling recovered after a break.

It is also essential to understand where to break away. Rather than sitting at your desk or in your car alone at lunch, office fit outs with separate breakout room create colleague relationships, positivity, and growth. Providing culture to a breakout area evolves a company and overall improve your wellbeing.

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Breakout areas shown in the office design above help to create a sense of community. A joint function will help encourage you to interact with other employees and form new friendships. Collaborative environments help to break down barriers as it is very natural for individuals to keep themselves isolated in the workplace. A collective function encourages interaction and scope to determine how other peers tare involved in the company's overall operation.

Creating a fun, social, but professional environment can be easily incorporated any office fit out. For more information on how you could potentially change your office's layout, contact our sales team.