Workplace design trends for 2019

019.  A new year and a new set of design priorities when it comes to workplace design and build.  One thing for certain 2019 will bring, new ways of working, new technology, new demands, new commercial challenges, new social trends.  So how will this shape the office of 2019?


Re-energise zones

Re-energising and re-charging areas will become more popular in 2019. HR professionals know that a small coffee break is not counterproductive, as it will improve productivity and boost focus.  We have seen this progress further into re-energising zones. These are areas away from the desk, the busy office or the noisy canteen, where staff can spend time to take a private phone call, skype friends, read or catch up with social media.   We expect to see an increase in individual booths, relaxation rooms and pods being incorporated into workplace designs in 2019.

Two Person Meeting 


We cannot escape or underestimate the speed in which technology is advancing each year.  Whilst it’s difficult to calculate how this will affect office design, connectivity between offices, partners, suppliers and customers is becoming easier.  We will see office designs incorporating more areas for video conferencing and other office spaces designed to facilitate new technology forms.




Interior workplace designers are constantly learning when it comes to space efficiency reaping commercial benefits for many tenants that are seeking to relocate offices.  This can mean using innovative, new furniture designs combined with workplace practises that can increase the amount of office staff per square meter.  Flexible working has been around for a while, this has been closely monitored and designers are constantly learning how it works and how to apply it smarter, so it works harder as a concept and more efficiently for the company.

Modern Office Floor Design


 Colour and branding

This is more than having your sign and logo above your front door.  As demand for talent is on the rise, 2019 will be the year when office designers will dig further into the branding of the company when designing the workplace.  The result is a workplace interior that reflects every facet of your brand, tone of voice and what’s important to your company.  Colouring in office design is going to become subtle in 2019, gone are the days of the Google style office being the aspirations of most clients.  Workplace design in 2019 is about being clever with colours so that the office is timeless, not clinical, yet powerfully branded.   

Urban Breakout Area



Lighting is becoming increasingly fundamental to workplace design and will become a higher priority in 2019.  Lighting has a direct influence of the productivity and mood of an office.  We will also see the flow of natural light will be maximised in all office designs, this is achieved through well considered design processes and use of glass partitioning and other innovative office fit out elements.  Lighting plans are also important to ensure every office area is close to the target lux level, i.e. areas where a high level of detail working is required in a workplace, the higher the lux level.

Relaxation Office Design