When should you get an office fit-out?

The decision to start an office fit-out is too easy to procrastinate. You may think you don’t really need to have a full office fit-out and that you’ll manage by replacing some of the furniture and refreshing the colour scheme.

Likewise, you may have made a subconscious decision, that you already need to get an office fit-out. It could be that your current space isn’t working for your needs anymore – the staff are hybrid working and so your space isn’t being used like it used to be.

Either way, there is no better time to get on with your office fit-out than now.

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How long does an office fit-out take?

Our 3d process at Officeinsight helps make the job of defining the duration of the project a bit of an easier task. Breaking down each stage of the process helps to apply a realistic time frame to each segment. However, it is also important to remember that this is only a guide as every office fit-out is slightly different, and we can alter the time frame depending on your wants and needs.

The time frame of an office fit-out can range between 10 weeks – 22 weeks, this is influenced by size and scale of the project, speed of communication and availability of supplies.

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What are the typical stages of an office fit-out?

Every office fit-out company will have a different structure or approach as to how they will deal with your enquiry. Here at Officeinsight, it's our unrivalled process that sets us apart. Our simple 3D process offers our clients an all-encompassing service that takes you from initial planning and design, all the way through to construction and completion.

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Three steps to planning a successful office fit-out?

Looking to embark on a new office fit-out or refurbishment project soon? Here’s how you can ensure maximum return on investment from your next project.

Whether a refurbishment to an existing workplace or a brand-new space, we’d recommend the following three steps:

1) Defining a good brief
2) Being clear on the key drivers
3) Selecting the right office design and fit-out company

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Who should I speak to regarding an office fit-out project?

Getting in touch with a professional about your office fit-out is a good way to start the ball rolling on your office design and fit-out, but sometimes it can be confusing as to who is best to engage with.

Doing some initial research and gaining inspiration for what you want in your space whilst having a browse at the different office design and fit-out companies will help give you a good indication as to what you might want to include in your office space, or who you want to work with.

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Office fit-out checklist: Expert list of considerations

Having a checklist for any task increases efficiency, as the ability to prioritise and break down major tasks into more manageable activities makes it easier to handle.

With our expertise and experience in office fit-out, we have compiled a check list of planning considerations so that you do not overlook any important parts the process when it comes to tackling an office design and fit-out or refurbishment project.

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