Budgeting for a new office design and fit-out : Indicative costs for different designs and standards of office fit-out finishes

Budgeting for an office fit-out was a tough job, until Officeinsight launched its new office fit-out cost calculator – a worthwhile budget planning tool which helps accurately and almost instantaneously come up with an estimation for any new office design and fit-out project.

Using an office fit-out calculator is an effective way of determining a general budget for your needs, and should help you determine if your budget is in line with your expectations. Check out the Officeinsight fit-out cost calculator tool here.

To help align your office design expectations and budget, we’ve also shared three recent Officeinsight case studies to provide you with guidance and inspiration for your own project.

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How do I set a realistic budget?

In the office design and fit-out industry, one piece of advice is the same across the board: you need to have an established budget before you begin the project.
Setting a budget allows you the opportunity to calculate a realistic return-on-investment whilst acting as a method to financially measure what success looks like for your company. It also allows you to prioritise your budget needs and most important goals. A clear budget allows you to see clearly from the outside areas where potential savings can be made.

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What government incentives are there to support the cost of my office fit-out?

Flexibility is a growing priority when it comes to financing an office fit-out, and there are methods which correspond with the differing needs of your business. Whilst paying from capital funds means paying the cost in one large sum, it does require the availability of the cash, in comparison to methods such as leasing or loaning from the bank. Both of these options allow you to pay the money back in monthly repayments allowing an evenly distributed cash flow throughout the year.

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How much does an office fit-out cost?

As mentioned in our previous blog on the subject of office fit-out costs. Typically, we say that costs are from £40 - £70 per square foot. However, there are a number of key factors that can affect how much your office fit-out ends up costing.

When budgeting we firstly point towards a cost calculator which helps give you an idea of all the different costs associated with an office fit-out. This quick calculation helps you obtain a cost for your project and is a great place to start to initially sense check whether your budget will meet your expectations.

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Should I tell you my budget?

It’s a crossroads that many clients find themselves at. You’ve found yourself a contractor but you’re not sure whether to tell them your total budget. From our experience of office fit-outs, disclosing your full budget to your chosen supplier can only help your project in the long run.

While setting a budget in general is one way of financially measuring success for any project, it is very important to set one for an office fit-out. A budget doesn’t have to be set in stone from the offset, having a ball-park figure will help you achieve the best advice on allocating your time and money.

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Does the cost estimate include everything for my office fit-out?

Officeinsight offers a turnkey design and fit-out which involves everything required to create a fully functioning office from scratch. With this in mind, the estimate given to you by Officeinsight covers everything required during the Design and Deliver stage of your project.

Designed to offer piece of mind and full transparency, Officeinsight’s project estimate detailed all elements – services, contractors, fixtures and fittings – providing a single total value for the project.

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