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Workplace consultancy

Workplace consultancy

Workplace consultancy enables you to make the right decision, the first time and explore new working strategies to help your business thrive. You can use actual data, to help make the right decisions, and to plan for the future. It helps identify how to get the most out of a space and how to make it work for you. It is the first stage in our unrivalled 3D process - Define.

Workplace consultancy


As an insights-driven company (clue is in our name) we take both a strategic and creative approach to design, driving performance for your people and your business.

Merging both human insight and our experience as we define the brief, the challenge and the desired outcomes, as well as identifying the key drivers and the vision for the project.

The Define stage can also gather key insights on: your space, with a survey, occupancy, working, patterns and user’s needs, using our unique space management Define tool.

Our analysis of the results, shared through a workshop with your SLT, establishes how the space needs to look and feel to reflect the brand image. The initial concepts, inspiring the right company culture, then come to life in the Design stage.


We recognise that operating in a more complex and faster changing world requires more informed decision making at every stage.

Workplace consultancy benefits include:

  • Optimise space
  • Streamline costs
  • Improve engagement with employees
  • Understand future needs
  • Make better, quicker decisions

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