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Workplace consultancy

Workplace consultancy

Our office design consultants will allow you to maximise value within your workspace design. By exploring how your business works and understanding your company’s culture, we can help you make the best decisions to make your space and, consequently, your brand thrive. 

Our office design consultancy has accumulated data on effective office designs meaning our advice is real world assessed and data driven. Our consultancy model is designed to identify your business needs, informing designs to build a space that works for you. 

With a greater emphasis on agile workplaces, it is imperative to make the right decision or integrate the best equipment quickly. Our expert office design consultants are thought leaders in how modern workplace methods impact office design. We know how to create hybrid working solutions that save money and increase performance. 

We can provide advice across the full range of our services, such as office fit-out, refurbishment and design.

Collaborate with us and we will craft an office that will define you.

Workplace consultancy


Our office design consultants merge creative designs that inspire with data-driven insights that will perform. Your office space will motivate your staff, impress your customers, and yet remain practical for day-to-day tasks.

Our priority is to understand you as company. Your business needs, your workplace culture, and your work style. We will diffuse that into a unique design that will define you. 

We use expert led workshops to understand you as a business. The information the workshop can include follows as: - 

  • The office space 
  • Occupancy 
  • Working patterns
  • Working model
  • Your brand
  • The demands of your staff
  • The working culture

By feeding this data into our unique space management tool we can create a space that propels performance.

How we help

Budgeting advice

Our experts know how to streamline costs to maximise the return of your investments.   Working with a wide range of clients from varying industries, we have developed innovative, cost-effective design solutions that have a high-quality feel. And these solutions have the added benefit of creating a beautiful work environment that inspires success.

Optimising for modern work styles

More businesses are focusing on agile workplace environments that emphasise working practices that challenge the traditional norms. Our expert design consultants have worked with businesses to adapt to these evolving work styles and the seamless integration of newer technologies to remain a competitive business. 

Our office design workshops can teach you how to design your office to accommodate these newer workstyles in a way that will lower you monthly costs and maximize your team’s performance.

A design that defines you

Our unique workshop is designed to craft an office space that revolves around you. Our design model is crafted to provide us with unique insights into who you are as a business. This allows us to create functional spaces that your people will enjoy working in. 

UK wide office design

Our office design consultants have worked all throughout the UK to provide planning advice. We know office design and build in London and office design in Manchester require different approaches due to local architecture and culture.

Any office design we undertake will consider the locale and how to incorporate it in the design.

Get in touch to design a brand defining office. 

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