Workplace consultancy enables you to make better, quicker and more informed decisions and explore new working strategies to help your business thrive. It helps identify how to get the most out of a space and takes into account needs for the foreseeable future. It is the first stage in our unrivalled 3D process - Define.


Our Define stage takes a holistic approach to defining the brief, offering in most cases a complimentary package of analysis to uncover the big picture and what the office space can do for your company in terms of talent attraction, retention and experience.

Through selecting the right insight tools for your brief - tailored by the size, timescale and previous information you may have gathered about the project. The Define stage explores occupancy, working patterns, worker types, people‚Äôs needs through a series of workshops, team surveys using our Define Tool, as well as conversations around how the office space should look and feel, reflect the brand image and inspire a company culture.

We then consolidate our findings and present back our recommendations. Translating the data into actionable intelligence offering unique solutions to optimise the space.


We recognise that operating in a more complex and faster changing world requires more informed decision making at every stage.

Workplace consultancy benefits include:

  • Optimise space
  • Streamline costs
  • Improve engagement with employees
  • Understand future needs
  • Make better, quicker decisions

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