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4 things to look out for when choosing an office fit-out company

4 things to look out for when choosing an office fit-out company

4 things to look out for when choosing an office fit-out company

1. The team’s values

Understanding how aligned your business is with the prospective company starts with acknowledging if you share similar values and outlook. In most cases, where there are shared values, they will instantly be understanding of your business and its needs.

An example of having an aligned vision is around sustainability goals. Today, there is a growing emphasis on the need to have more sustainable business practices, with many clients wanting their office fit-out company to show the same concern for the environment as themselves. As a responsible business, Officeinsight has joined Just One Tree.

2. The team’s experience

You may prefer to choose a business with over 15 years of experience, likewise others may prefer a new start-up. A good indicator of a company’s experience is to see what case studies they have, either on their website or on their social media pages. Testimonials or customer references are also a good representation of the company, usually shedding an honest opinion from a different perspective.

3. The team’s process

How different companies approach an office fit-out or refurbishment will differ and if you are getting quotes from at least three different companies, as we recommend.

Choosing a company that has a transparent process, so that you properly grasp the way they work can help to save a lot of hassle further along down the line if any problems to occur.

Essentially, it is the process of each design and fit-out company that sets themselves apart from the rest, so making sure that you fully understand how they will approach your office fit-out is key.

4. The team’s focus on quality

Office design and fit-out is a combination of services and products. In order for the service to be of high quality, the products that are included in the service must also be to a high standard. Checking that the products have warranties and guarantees and whether or not the company supply the required amount of information relating to the products upon request will help save you hassle for the future in the case that something did go wrong with the products.

Certification and other accreditations are another good measure of quality, as usually these are externally awarded and need a consistently high standard to be obtained. A credit to our focus on quality, our team has achieved many accreditations.

We’re really proud of who we’ve worked for and all the project that we’ve successfully delivered over the years. If you’d like to know more then please drop us a line to projects@officeinsight.co.uk

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