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6 Things to Think About Office Safety

6 Things to Think About Office Safety

6 Things to Think About Office Safety

Today is Friday the 13th and whilst there aren’t any people fleeing in terror from a rampaging Jason Voorhees it still seemed appropriate to look at safety in the workplace and what companies and employees can do to avoid accidents not only on this superstitious Friday but all year round.

Clear the Way

No one likes a cluttered office, it’s frustrating when you can’t find what you need and It’s bad for motivation. Clutter can also cause accidents, creating tripping hazards. Everything should have a place so it’s good practice to make sure everything gets returned to it’s home after it’s finished being used.

Stack Smarter

Following on from our previous point emphasising the importance of returning items to their homes, when doing so it is important to make sure everything (especially heavy objects) are stacked properly if they are placed on or on top of shelves. Falling objects can cause serious injury. It’s a good idea to store heavier objects closer to the floor where possible.

Be Ergonomic

Ergonomic injuries are very common in the workplace. A lot of office employees spend most of their work hours sitting at a desk working on a computer, because of this the chance of injuries relating to repetitive movement and posture increase considerably. Having adjustable ergonomic office chairs with sufficient back support along with height and tilt adjustable monitors and supportive keyboard and mouse go a long way to reducing the risk of such injuries. 

See Clearer

Looking at a computer monitor for long periods of time can cause eyestrain. Eyes can become dry and irritated and it can become hard to focus (not what you want when you have a mountain of work to get through by the end of the day). It is important to give your eyes a break and allow them to focus on objects at various distances. It is recommended that a 10-minute break is taken for every hour spent working at a computer. If you have poor vision to begin with It is important to make sure you have the right prescription for your glasses. Eyes should be tested every 2 years whether you have noticed any deterioration in your vision or not. Many companies offer discounts on eye tests and glasses to help with this.

Monitors should be positioned correctly, and screen glare reduced as much as possible to help limit the occurrence of eyestrain. 

Extinguish Risks

Fire safety should be taken seriously as it can happen when you least expect it if you aren’t prepared. Office inspections should be carried out to make sure exposed wires from power cables, that any space heaters are up to code and that any sprinklers and extinguishers are easily accessible along with any fire exits.

A Slippery Subject

Tiled floors can be slippery and can cause a real headache literally for the person who slips and financially for the company responsible. Putting carpet down in places where tiled floors are likely to become wet and slippery is a great way to protect both staff and bank balance. 

By Andrew Mairs – Marketing Executive

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