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Are ergonomics worth the investment?

Are ergonomics worth the investment?

Are ergonomics worth the investment?

Back pain, neck pain and eye strain. All too familiar, yet simple to fix. Around 90% of the time we spend in the office is in front of a computer or other electronic devices - and why shouldn’t it be, as technology continues to advance, it's becoming more and more of a power tool that needs to be embraced and implemented. However, there are ways of making the use of technology a better and more comfortable experience through solutions such as ergonomics.

Before we start, we need to define the word 'ergonomic' so that we are on the same page as to what we're talking about. Ergonomics relate to 'being designed for better efficiency and comfort in the working environment'.

First of all, using ergonomic furniture in your work place can help minimize back and neck pains. This is due to the fact that, normally we sit at our desk with improper posture - this could be slouching or having to stretch your neck or back. Getting the right chair and desk for you can help you drastically reduce these pains, and allow your employees to have a better experience at work.

Increased comfort in the workplace will help boost mental health and productivity. Feeling comfortable allows you to focus better on the task in hand. Ergonomics decreases pain, increases blood flow and strengthens muscles - altogether, improving mental insight.

With a clear mind, your staff will experience improved moods, focus and awareness and reduced anxiety and stress. Creating the perfect environment for a drive in productivity and focus throughout the office.

Investing in ergonomics is part of eliminating the daily hazards that can hurt your employees. Hazards are dangerous and can lead to worse consequences later. By paying attention, you can make yourself aware of where the hazards are within your office. Even better, you could ask the staff for their input as they would know the hidden hazards in your workplace. This will convey to them that you care for their safety and needs and implementing the changes will indicate that  you listened and act upon what they had to say.

Overall, ergonomics will improve the work environment as staff will be happier and comfortable, able to work to their best ability and healthy. Making the investment will help avoid those unwanted aches and pains and overall, help contribute to a productive and happy office.

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