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Are You A Nomad Worker?

Are You A Nomad Worker?

Are You A Nomad Worker?

Changes to the Workplace.

An increasing number of people are starting or continuing to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. The words digital no ad generally perceives the image of millennials working from “instagrammable” workspaces to boost the content of their social media. However, globally the rise of remote workers is one of the prevailing narratives about a Covid 19 reformed world.

Companies that still follow the prescribed 9-5 workdays have assigned seating for employees and monitor productivity based on entry and exit times may find remote working too big of a leap. There is so much beyond the desk, and we believe that the traditional corporate real estate characteristics of static space metrics are updated and working towards more modular workspace environments.

Nomad Working: An Office Approach.

The increase in nomad working provides the need for workspaces measured by their effectiveness as a tool for collaboration and communication.

It is essential to think as a business, nomad workers choose dynamic, reconfigurable habitats. The freedom of nomad working styles can inspire these spaces. A well-designed office space allows communication, collaboration, community and concentration to be leveraged and adapted.

Whether the approach to nomad working is 100 per cent or a hybrid of shared and dedicated workstations, flexible strategies enable organisations to accommodate more people within the same office footprint by increasing shared workspaces. Flexible approaches can shift the allocation of space from the individual to more shared resources and amenities.

Most companies are also installing and adopting cloud-based platforms that enable people to access relevant data from anywhere. Collaborative tools like interactive whiteboards and Microsoft perceptive pixel ensure that employees can access meetings with those sitting in the office space.

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