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Designing a Shared Workspace

Designing a Shared Workspace

Designing a Shared Workspace

Designing a Shared Workspace

Coworking is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the growing demand for remote workers and small business owners needing a space to help kickstart their own business.

When designing a co-working space for multiple people to use, there are often various factors to consider that make a suitable working environment. Many remote workers use these spaces on a full-time basis, and some possibly once or twice a month – their needs can be different so it’s important to cater for them as much as possible.


Creating a comfortable and relaxing office space is important for productivity and the happiness of the those who use your business. The atmosphere of your co-working space should be relaxing and welcoming – this could mean using space to create a breakout area with a sofas and coffee tables, having magazines and books to read, having a built in kitchen so co-workers can help themselves to coffee and the use of the microwave and kettle. These small additions make a world of difference for an office workers quality of life.


Choose furniture wisely… 

Being able to provide a comfortable environment for co-worker is essential. Having the right desk spaces with ergonomic chairs will make sure everyone is pain-free and happy whilst they work. It’s better to have practical furniture rather than fun/overly stylish chairs that might look great – but sitting on an uncomfortable chair for prolonged periods takes its toll!


Private spaces

The ability to offer both open and private workspaces is a real bonus and is seen as very desirable for those looking for a shared office. Not being able to make private calls, hold Skype conferences and meetings can be a deal breaker for some – having the capacity to create separate spaces can make working life easier. Private offices are also very handy for those starting up their own business, giving workers the ability to use a professional registered address rather than using their home address.  

Acoustic Pods are a great option to create privacy in open plan spaces. They’re full soundproof, come in different sizes, with or without desks. Lots of modern office pods can be easily moved without having to dissemble – making them a versatile option if you can’t provide separate rooms for workers.

 Private meeting booth

Creativity & Accessibility

Once the practical aspects of your shared working space have come together - like desks, seating and internet connection - choosing space saving storage will be helpful. Having the use of lockers, lockable desk drawers and cupboards can be of great convenience. Storage can also be worked into the design of the office, making rooms appear spacious and clutter-free.  

Welcoming elements are also important – try adding plants or artwork, and if you have the capacity to do so, outdoor seating areas can be used in nice weather for a sense of community.

Alice Mansley is a Content and SEO marketing executive for  Cardinus – leaders ergonomics, helping individuals prevent injuries in the workplace through smart office design. 

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