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Five ways to bring your brand alive in the workplace

Five ways to bring your brand alive in the workplace

Five ways to bring your brand alive in the workplace

The modern-day marketing environment may seem to indicate that the most popular marketing methods are those external platforms, such as; social media posts, your company’s website, and customer email campaigns. Whilst all very true, did you realise that your internal office space can also become a valuable marketing tool, using the space to communicate your brand to both your staff and visiting customers?

In this blog, we will identify five different ways you can bring your brand alive in the workplace.

Define your brand

Your brand is the image staff and customers have of your business. Take time to consider what you want the whole space to say about the business and what messages such as company values you want to communicate. Choose colour wisely, you want to make the space easily identify as your own space but don’t want to overpower areas. 

Align core values

Once you have discovered your brand and your core values, these should help you make decisions about certain design aspects, for example, a focus on sustainability will lead you to choosing products with a low carbon footprint while a focus on collaboration may mean you incorporate more breakout areas which allow for increased collaboration. Making sure that these align with your brand will help create a seamless reflection from the brand to your office space.

Engage employees with the brand

Your employees, the driving force of your business can often be forgotten about, and taking into consideration their viewpoints and perceptions, where appropriate, will help them to feel included and appreciated as a unit. Making sure they are aware, giving them an opportunity, and responding to their feedback will help to have an increased employee buy-in and remove any objectors.

Ensuring that they understand the brand will significantly help your business as they can become the best ambassadors for your brand. When they understand and have established an emotional connection with your core values, they can then subconsciously start to implement your core values into their everyday tasks.

Incorporate visual branding

This may seem like the obvious route to go down when looking to incorporate more of your company’s brand into your workspace. Choosing your brand's colour schemes to decorate the space with, and adding your own story to the design will help your offices truly feel like yours.

Making sure that your logo is visible, whether it be at the reception or elsewhere helps re-iterate to visiting clients who you truly are. Using signage, especially those lit up by LED, can particularly help your space be recognisable from afar.

Telling your story, the history of your business or maybe your core value statements/words associated with it, can reinstate your brand, and help you to build a better culture.

Bring your brand alive

This really is the key to bridging the gap between your brand and your office space. You may have a space that is painted in the right colours and got your logo on display, yet you may feel like the connection isn’t there.

It is your employees that will truly build that connection. As they start to incorporate your values into their work and their interactions with each other, the culture will start to develop and this will help create that feeling that helps link your space with your brand.

This shows how important it is that your staff are aware of your brand and values so that they know what is expected of them.

With many of our projects at Officeinsight, we help to incorporate the brand into your workspace, one particular successful project we delivered was for Evri, previously called Hermes. We used some especially innovative ideas to showcase their industry and brand in their office, for example, installed above the reception area’s lights was the journey of the parcel from courier to the home. Written in neon signage going up the staircase were the words “DO, STRIVE, BE”, their values which they wanted to act as a daily reminder to their staff.

This kind of innovation is available for your workspace, so if you’re looking for an office fit-out, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here.

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